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I'm a honest-to-god american, proud of be one of those who stand on the land of the brave, yet , I cannot tolerate that in the name of freedom and civilization, our fundamental rights are violated and raped by a totalitarian goverment under the control of an alcoholic fundamentalist. You wonder from where I claim this? From Hugh Chevette? Nope. From Noam Chomsky's books and articles as from the brave work of true revolutionarian Michael Moore. My work is not to be read as something serious, but more like a critic to the current (and decadent) state of today's fanfiction.

To AlbertG: Maybe you should be the one psycho-anal-ized my friend, since you've got such an obssesion with current sci-fi TV shows that you have to re-write them again and again, believing yourself better than the original (¿Ori?) screenwriters (well, that's true in SG and ST, BSG and neoBSG but no way in B5 or Farscape!) Besides, if a show deludes me and makes fun of the average TV-wiewing Joe (¿Logic?) like me, why should I recognize credit or ownership to some greedy producer that makes fun in my very face (nee SG that claims we all are morons in front of a goverment that denies abortion and doesn't move a finger to stop death penalty), so why I should use disclaimers to a too-much-chewed-gum?

Shitspawn: I will engulf ALL or almost all wheter you like it or not. There's not coherence in it. Consider it more a piece in the spirt of the late Eugene Ionescu or the still alive Dario Fó. I'm merely telling a timeless tale of an invisible war without begining or end.

thecomputerroom: Get out and get some fresh air! Women don't bite and you can have sex wiht them too! Enjoy life while you're young! Canada rules since there is no KuKluxKl...sorry, NRA there!

rule179: What frakking rule do you represent? The rule that forbids free expression? By the way, computerroom, when I was talking about a sick country I was refering to MY sick country, not yours (Canada rules!).

Zantac: Get back to the Hyborean Age where barbarians belong. We are all guys and girls way too much cilvilized and "soft" for your tastes.

Kyosanim: I was able to read the Unreadable Ones: Orianna Fallaci and Gao Xinjian. So just encore! With enough effort you'll understand the main plot.

Passing to other matters, did you noticed the South won the war against the Union, I mean , current adminstration comes from the south, we treat nggers like crp and forbid evolution to be teached, not to mention justice follows more the criteria of cousin Cletus than Oliver Wendell Holmes' one.

Those who got payrolled in the army, a little tip: you'd do more bucks and less traumas (not to mention the medical coverage) as mercenaries for the megacorporations.

To Sargeant Heretic, tHe ReAl SaRgEaNt HeReTiC is our daugther Sheri and she chosened that nom-de-crime because she was proud of brave woman whose courage would change the world like yours.

Finally, to all those who have no idea from where this cr@p called the Infinite Incoherence begins, go to and search for this page:


Once you get in the spirt of the first fifteen chapters (including the non-extant fourteenth chapter) you'll get what it is all about.

Wishing you good night and good luck:


Update: Barack Obama has won! Change has make its choice! Maybe things will go better and lots of spacebutlers will find out forced to use their pratical knowledge into make plausible political assasinations since they're so gung-ho in militar stuff (at least the ones who still keep some limbs! :P)

Second Update: Seen "Burn After Read It" from the Coen Bros (which you'll call 'unrealistic' Quack Leader, yet you cannot apreciate irony by being so deep in the hate industry) and read "Little Brother" from Cory Doctorow (an author you hate to death Barricade) and now I'm more than sure than the death threats I theoretically have made against Quack Leader are fake since he's a liar and a bigot, only another big asian bully who relies in the Tongs to menace innocent full american citizens like me, we don't want mobsters like you threatening our borders, we'll get to you sooner or later. We're next to you. Listen. You can hear us breath at your back (we the People). And it's we the People who have the power and who are to shame for not have expelled Bush Jr. from the White House sooner! True, guys! It's we the People who support militaristic no-brainer shows like "Flufflestratch Laxantica" and WC: Analantis and who can cut its budget simply by demanding quality TV or just quit from the current garbage the media flood us and returning to books! Remember "Farenheit 451" (another book 'unrealistic' accordingly to Quack Leader and Barricade, really, and the states where teaching evolution is forbidden while encouraging ID is a bad dream? Suuure), we have the true power, not the goverment despite the fact they think they know but truly they will never know, not if a enough large chunk of internauts oppose (and I'm not talking of the de-evolved individuals at spacebutlers!). How the hell you can live threatening a man's freedom and selling him to the goverment in a silver platter with your lies Quackie, I'll never -and prefer to not- know since you have a heart rottened beyond redemption or salvation (and I'm a natural optimist!) and feel nothing but sorry for you. You're nobody Quackie do you hear, nobody, you've done so much evil things in your life no one will remember but your circle of sycophants who see in you nothing but another tool for their masturbative compulsions. Take that as a fact if you want to bring this to tribunals, and I'm not threatening you, merely setting facts.

In another line: freeze the holding you were going to send to your parents in Israel! The Israeli nation has become as evil as the Ratzi Germany by glorifiying extermination tactics against innocents and terrorists akin in Gaza. If something I've learned from the modern RATIONAL fighting against terrorism in Europe is that blitzkrieg and repressive techniques do not work. Only a true labour of INTELLIGENCE (something the guys of the WC command glorify and gloat about) can be useful to trap the acolytes of death, not this bombing and maiming of innocent people. Shame on you 'Land of God' (oh god you're devil)

Third Update: certainly AllerGy, you've become quite maniac of acuse me from not being american, it's true I resided some time in South America and saw a richness and joy of living in its people we amerifolks have forgotten due to the crisis, hell, they've been worst than us and that has not broken them, we should follow their example. Rant all you want as "Samael's Shadow". Fuckfic is pointless to me. However let me inform you this tiny bit of misinformation: I use a very, VERY subtle router to make you all believe my posts come from Perú (yes fanfiction.net, I've been duping you for years) since I got the feeling my personal views in politics and society would not be seen well by the hawks that meander the skies of this site. Can you hack it? I challenge you!

Fourth Update: What the fuck is wrong with us? We care more about some freak' funeral like Michael Jackson, than the imprisonment of Aung San Suu Kyi or the repression towards journalism in Russia (a country that could have been a former ally rather than our current impoverished-to-the-roots, corrupted-to-the-bone rival ruled with iron fist by that clown of Putin in shadow, should we have cared to help the renovation of its infrastructure and resources when we could, once Gorbachev gave us a chance; you know we've worked with worst, after all we did the Marshall Plan), or even the losing efforts of Barack HUSSEIN Obama (and I'm sure as death and taxes that Quack Leader is a Birther) of the medical system' reformation due to greedy lobbies of intrest and filthy-as-shit rich peopl,e which focus the 40 of our riches in the 1 of their unworthy bodies. If you are one of them, my condolences, you're damning this country to an anachronical way of living not even the most radical of our founding fathers would have approved (I'm sure George Washington or Benjamin Franklin would shed to tears today should they be noticed of the Columbine or VirginiaTech massacres). If you're going to instate a 'benevolent' military dictatorship, like in WC-1, don't count with my sure-as-hell non-extant vote since you'll use weapons over us to impose your flawed POV. BTW I'm no conspiracy looney but someone very concered for the path this country is going, and take it for sure me and my friends here from the Samaelite Collective will be cheering up every tiem an evolution trial is won in Texas or another state from the religious belt of our nation :P.

Fifth Update: Yay! Censored from the community for life! I'm seriously thinking of moving out the Pit and load the story in a blog as...let's see the guy behind "My Immortal" did, not to mention add new extras to earlier chapters and put those disclaimers you love to death. So until the Infinitinet let's us meet again, cheers and ta-da to the farm! But don't you worry admins I'm not thinking of sue you for have violated the First Amendment. I'll keep reported the legions of my loyal followers in my profile the progresses I'm doing in the story (after all General Landry DID his Laundry in his pants after the Shadow Cabinet stormed Cheyenne Mountain in expanded chap 17) and before you notice it, Samael3 will be back with all the political rant you love to death from him.

To Samael's Shadow: Even a retarded 5-year old with asperger could have noticed you were 'Anonymous' and 'groupsie' and certainly chat with you rather than tell you the borrible truths of your life bores me. The Samaelite Collective will be your only speaker in the forum you've created to glorify war, take it for granted. If anything we owe it to all the kids AMERICAN mines dismember every day in Africa. Or to the Palestinian kids Israeli troopers shoot happily to death. Or the Israeli kids taught to hate by some cankerous rabbi.

Sixth update: Much to your disgrace I'm still here kicking and rolling. Ah and groupsie how did you knew the reviews to Samael's Shadow were from Perú unless you WERE Samael's Shadow and got direct access to the stats section? Besides Samael's Shadow and groupsie are american both of them (hint, hint, big as the dung of a dinosaur). And about the 'mystery' of my nationality I'm a proud son of the USA. I merely asked via e-mail a peruvian friend to impersonate me to the eyes of groupsie to see if he was as stoopid to stick the four in my little ruse. So hack all e-mails between Perú and the States! You may get my passwords!

Seventh update: Does anybody here even care about the Bhopal tragedy that happened December 3rd in 1984, by the greedy downsizing of security measures of Union Carbide, an ALL-AMERICAN company who mysteriously did care about the people of their american factory while they still let rot the people in Hindustan since they're poorer than Starvin' Marvin. Of course to you all naruturds that does not care since they do not have chakra. WRONG! They're human beings like you and me and they need our help not our compassion. So stop writing the great Nabruto novel Noman cares off and begin do something. Press your well-fed, old and unfaithful congressmen or senators to denounce Union Carbide's criminal actions and for once in your life CARE about RL rather than self-misturbate in a fantasy world! Ah, and Copenhagen? Why, a lost cause; Barack HUSSEIN Obama has lost his mind finally and will become the USA into Oceania (then again the USA have it well deserved for have being treating the world as its dung backyard) and just FYI I'm not banned per life from , I lied. Yes I LIED and you did followed me. You said "how high" as I said "jump". My story merely was beyond the parameters of the site so it was mutually accorded to retire it. So I can write the tale of Kairi the mermaid being eaten by a megalodon any time I want :P

Eight update: Did you thought I was gone for good? Poor fools. I'll be back with a vengeance in due time. Anyway let's discuss the situation of the world since I'm to this community what the Keats cybrid was to the TechnoCore: an hostile chaos-instigating element, an annoyance. More than a month since the earthquake of Haiti, everyone asks "how this could happen?". WE happened. To be more exact Woodrow Wilson, former president of this proud and great nation happened. He in one of his Big Schtick campaign (please do remember Theodore Roosevelt did something similar) did led and destroy the infrastructure of that nation in 1916 and since then, the USA has supported military Generalisimo-like governments that give what's not better to the Haitian people, but to America the Beautifly. Next time you wonder how a state could be so unprotected to natural disasters, remember, we the Americans were there first. Second to today's agenda, the Alabama shootings; that's truly unforgivable. That a teacher would attack her students show that something is rotten within the soul of this once land of plenty (if it ever was); maybe it's the state of fear mental corporative midgets and their sock puppet presidents have infused us, maybe it's the water or the bureaucracy, but something it's definitely wrong and we as a nation need a deep introspection and to fix it before it kills us. Third, the Texan suicide aviator; please, seven days in the net and all the police of that state (which happily kicks the crotch of Espaldas Mojadas and executes innocent people in the Aubern Chair) can say it's "d'oh!"? What f-asterix word of payment are we given to this people to protect us? All the extra control we gave them, the very possibility of disappear us in the middle of the night in some secret prison in Eastern Europe was in VAIN? So meek and weak is the Big Brotha? Well, Al-Qaeda must be laughing at our backs since we cannot stop even our OWN terrorists. What leads to my next point: the killings of innocent civilians in Afghanistan; we claim we are their friends and then we backstab them in their backs with our fancy sophisticated rockets? Gee whiz, military industry is making progress only that backwards. Our boys never had to be there, there shouldn't even be 'boys' there. Those young Spartan-like soldiers crp TV such as the WC franchise promotes are not the solution, it has never been and it will never be. The youngsters are not an excess of population to be send to be killed in some pothole that will never be an occidentalized nation since our '¡ntel' has worked through the years so craftily to ruin their possibilities of progress. If we sabotaged them in such a fine fashion you'll be wondering why not we want to help them with our machetes, I wonder that too! Better Barack and Hilary realize the sooner our military forces are out of Syriana, and begin to help them to rebuild, learn and prosper, we'll do friends rather than enemies. And the demagogues of death such as the terrorists and the military hawks that for some reason think the only way to solve the situation it's to nuke the 'enemy' back to the stone age will have to shut up their filthy mouths. Kill us once, kill us twice, kill our messengers of peace a million times but we'll return in numbers to preach a better way to you people in the Arab world, a more tolerant way, a way of conciliation, until you're ready to accept. We'll wait. Time is on our side.

Ninth update: What? Did you hope I was away from your lives? Actually Graysie you ashame you, hate a man for what he truly believes deep in his heart shows how weak and scared of yourself truly are. If anything you're a coward by rewriting an history with it has some measure of redemption despite all the 'die for your country and feel D'OH!" angst . Well after a long absinthe of my modus operandi of show you how f*cked the world is, let's get even more hopelessness, whadaya say? Let's START-ONE by the beginning of the end. Reading recently the Wall Stree Journal, I've found out Obama's new international safety campaign is based into power up civilian authority in foreign emerging countries rather than sent our faux starship troopers to kill-o-zap the people of Nowaytheycanbeheresthan. That sounds reasonable and even noble to me; if we cannot raise the standard of life of poor countries showing we're a country of good will and purposes and only can left our mark in history for all the dirty operations the Company launched such as Plan Condor or MK ULTRA II we'll be remebered collectively as a bunch of smirks. Of course my friends, being the isolationist elements you use to be you'll be oposed to this since you see the world as your spacy plaything to punish for in order of get your sadistic power self-misturbating fantasies realized, you know, go places, be the sort of jarhead r*pist you can be for your country. Now the Sharpeville massacre in March, gosh, what the frell can let in so bad mojo within the soul of a nation that a minority thinks can impart inhumane justice to the legitimate children of the much mistreated motherland: Africa? Knowing you spacebutchers you'll claim "the devil make them do it". B*LLCKS! The Devil does not care so much about us. He simply watches us fall toward our own hate and hubris to see ourselves make fall down from grace into whether a self-deserved hell or a much undeserved hell we're in only because we do believe that's all we'll got. You should take that into consideration into your stoopid tale amymaniax about Fluffy and the Silmarilion. The Devil would do only with his mere presence make the Valar fight themselves between them out of hubris and he even would not laugh at that work since he would consider them poor badly-crafted godlings (Tolkien s*cks :P) and unworthy sparrings way below his league. Lu would kick the cr*p outta that b*tch of the First Evil with ease and would destroy her entire shard of the multiverse in order to annoy her, not to mention forbid her from crossing into HIS multiverse otherwise be destroyed. The puny demonlings of Fluffy Waltz Sunders would claim that's impossible but then again Lucifer Morningstar was first Archangel Samael the Light-Bearer, the Captain of the Host, later the Adversary, God's counterpart. Amy, to think such a rustic god as Eru as a better of the tyrannic Presence it's foolish and shows you're only a fool, a moron, a brute. I feel sorry for you.

Let's see now some international tendences: Hugo Weaving Valdés and Vlad Put-in are becoming close friends, if anything I do not think Obama will be able of get a peaceful soultion to this issue. Hugh is too much of a loudmouth berrating aimlessly everywhere and everyone to settle down (while people still drowns in Zanzibar), not to mention too much a military hothead very much like the warmongers here homebound who wishes to shoot first and ask later. We should be asking ourselves what did our foreign politics toward the region the heck did to alienate them so much. In other news, La Dama Flaca of not cry for me Argentina is pranking over the Malvinas and knowing her as I know her she wishes a new war over those islets that Argentina WILL lose again. Well at least the first war pulled Videla out of power, maybe a second war can pull out Kitchner out of the map for good. Then again who says nothing good comes from wars? However Greenpeace does its best to keep away whale's flesh from Japanese buzzinezz, some good is done on Earth after all.

Doha conversations: what a kick in the rear. They do not want to preserve the vast biodiversity of life that engulfs this beautiful blue planet defended by the Ultrans. They rather want to feast on it, to scourge it, to ravage it till nothing is left. If Supes or Cap existed in this world they would fight the current administrations all along the planet, not glorify them. The Pope, that hipporit, call him a saint man if you want, I call him a dirty coffin. He gives a thumb up to child r*pists and let murder regimes such as Israel get away with crime while demonizing the Liberation Theology just because it wants a fairer world for everyone ("how can we let pinkos rise to power?" Sure, and the hobo nearest you is a secret agent of the Secret Okrana? Go check the aluminium foil in your head, it's not covering well the EMF waves). Eon Morbides, what a loser, he began as a honest man, now under Hugh's sponsorship he does tomfoolery all around becoming a political bully and implementing a faux 'native' culture that was lost a long time ago due to the Conqusitadores (su()u()u()re as hell that chicken turn you into a LGTB Eon-boy.

They do kill a Southafrikaan white supremacy leader and suddendly the Rainbow Sudafrica become again the hellhole it was before Mandela (seems like good intentions and rugby championships are not enough to unite a nation born from despair and segregation). In other news, we have somehow ("how" is certainly the word) victory in Irak: they're not killing americans any longer. We've succesfully managed to outfox them to kill each other. Who knows? Maybe someday they will deploy their still-to-find-out WMDs and we'll show to the world how justified we were to nuke their country to the Stone Age ;). The Dagestan attacks are certainly nothing but regrettable, but the scarier thought that ah can g't from 'em is tha' the Russkies themselves did it in order to justify their war against 'terror' (something they seem to have learnt very well from us; after all if a clown in plain sight as Putin can fool the world so well, clowns in shadows can fool it better :( )

Eon Morbides loses support in regional elections in No-Sea Land! Fraud included, someone calls Hildy Johnson, this needs coverage...no actually the true big new was that the australian reefs are dying due to the Chineses' stupidity, never-satiated hunger and endless greed; not even to mention their lack of safety protocols mocking international law. Words of wiz-dom: if the seas die so do we

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