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LadytehMa PM
Joined May '03

Longstanding anime fan

Mother of two adorable kids (born 97 and 99), happy wife. Work 2 part time jobs (yeah - my husband does work) to help make ends meet.

Would like to author stories, but sadly lacking in time (gee, wonder why . . .) No, really I adore my kids. And they need me now. They and my husband are the most important things in my life.

Hobbies: Reading, kickboxing, stained glass (also learning to ride dirt bikes; my mom-in-law is teaching me)

Hobbies I would be doing if I had more time: Writing, scrapbooking, watercolour, cycling, pottery

I am fairly well read, and can be a bit of a grammar nazi.

Pet Peeve: People who massacre the English language - not referring to ESL. (ie: u r kewl, your cool) If you are using the contraction for "you are", it is "you're"! Geez. . . .

I am over 30; you can be a well adjusted, responsible member of society and still love anime!

Well, it HAS been a while since I've updated this! I can now say that you can enjoy life and be over 40. I can also say life pretty well never turns out the way you expect. Learn to go with the flow folks, live with what IS and make the best of it.

Aug 2018 - closing in on 50 now. My children are young adults and life just keeps getting busier. I still enjoy reading although writing is rare.

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