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Big fan of the whole Sonic the hedgehog franchise. My profile pic is my own creation based off the ashura sprite from the mysticalforest website. Credit for the design goes to the owner of it. The colors and a bit of reshaping belong to me. Do not use without giving credit to me.

Where to start... My favorite character is Miles Tails Prower. I like him because he is smart, focused, and can be an ass at times much like myself. Granted I don't have no 300 IQ like Tails but I'm still at genius level.

I hate Cosmo. Period. I say for the whole Sonic X series to go screw itself. I hate it. Doesn't hold to the roots of the franchise. The story line in it also doesn't match up with some later games or anything.

Now for some OC profiles. I will update as more characters are introduced in my extremely long fic "Brothers Through Time. This fic will most likely be one big story separated into parts like a book. Each part having a unique title after the main one. Will implement that once part one gets close to being finished. Moving on...

Name: Chris Robbins

Age: 21

Birthday: December 25 1989

Species: Was born a human but turned into a 2 tailed kitsune fox thanks to genetic manipulation.

Features: Black fur with red in center on chest region and some gold at end of toes, fingers, ears, and tips of his 2 tails. Stands 7 foot tall, weighs about 300 pounds, is very muscular and hot looking. (Start drooling furry chicks.) Has many mystical powers like in the X men series from genetic experimentation. IQ level over 2,000 (!) Again, his genetic modifications.

Personality: Has autism. Can be very cold and gruff at times. Never piss him off or else the guilty party may end up dead. When he gets angry, RUN!!! Does not usually get angry. Really has a good nature and likes to joke and pull some hilarious stunts on others. Really like perverted jokes and the likes. Very much into technology and mechanics.

Background: Doesn't know his parents since they died soon after his birth as a human in 1991. Was raised by his aunt and uncle. Majored in just about everything there is in collage in just 4 years. (!) Went on to open biggest genetic research facility ever made at age 20. Rest goes from her in story "Brothers Through Time".

There you have it.

My favorite words to live by: "Live each day like it is your last since we can die at any moment."

My own words I live by too: "Always drink, smoke, and have some quality time with a chick. Otherwise, what good is life if you can't enjoy it?"

Commonly used phrases:

"Da fuck???"

"Da hell???"


"What the..." (You know what I'm thinking next.)

"Jesus cripes..."

"GAY!" (Response to lotsa shit on YouTube.)

"Who's on first?" (Used in those situations when 2 or more people confuse each other. Example: Person 1 "HUH??" Person 2 "What?" Person 1 "You lost me" Me "Who's on first?" LOL )

I also have a Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003483404692


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