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Neo the Dual Keyblade Wielder
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My name is Neo the dual keyblade wielder and this is my account

my four OCs are Neo the POL, Keo the POD, Cynthia the QOL. Our father is King of Darkness, and he's gone.

Also, everyone brace yourself because here is something that will shock you. I LOVE SASUKEXSAKURA PAIRING. Yep. I should've told you that sooner, but it always slipped my mind.


Update message: Hey guys! I'm not gone I'm just in a writer's slump.

...P...Put this
...O...On your
...E...To stop Pokemon

enough of the pairings i should explain my OCs.

Neo Nekuyara: a teenager who is the prince of light of Radiant Garden. He was with Sora from the beginning of their adventures to the different worlds. Neo can wield two keyblades at the same time and they have evolutions. When they meet Cloud, who just beat Sora, Neo, after mistaking Cloud for a girl in armor, steps into the tournament to save Sora's life. While battling the trio discovers Neo's hidden talent when he activates Sleepy Haze, Neo can use Genjutsu. in KH2 Neo gets a new outfit and soon after two new abilities;drive forms. He's great friends with Cloud since he uses the nickname Clou-Chan. he also has angel wings. Neo is able without his keyblades because his martial arts skills and incredible flexibility. He can even use magic that is higher than anyone else. Neo also has a magical flute that enhances his Genjutsu abilities significantly. Neo also sings songs at Hollow Bastion on Occasions. He is currently dating Yuffie Kisiragi. He fell in love with Yuffie at first sight and was infatuated with her making him be teased by his brother. Neo can also attack with light based moves as shooting a blast of light from his hand or by using his light magic with ease and using the holy spell by himself and can remember how to use the Ragnarok spell with ease as well. Also, Neo has strong endurance to the point that when he was fighting Cloud he deflected the buster sword's cutting edge with his kick. He is 16-17 in KH. He is 17-18 years old in KH2. Neo also remembered the platinum match with Sephiroth which led him to remember Sephiroth in Hollow Bastion. Neo is mostly agility based attacks but they cause a lot of damage anyway even if he is fast. The fact that Neo was able to actually live when his heart was stabbed was a mere shock. Neo's ultimate Drive Form is called Ultimate Light Prince Form. In this Drive Form, his clothing turns into a silver and white version of his original clothing, also he has a headband that doesn't have a symbol on his head, and he's floating in mid-air with his wings out and has cherry blossoms surrounding him. Lastly, his Keyblades float in the air with him and he also gains telekinetic abilities. Neo can also use his own variation of the Omnislash where he uses all the key chains in their blade form's and slashes his opponents multiple times with each Keyblade causing massive amounts of damage with each and every strike. Since Neo was a keyblade wielder at the age of only 12 his battle instincts and reflexes were inhumane at the start of the journey. Neo's very braggy in KH, and wasn't even a close friend to Sora...but Neo suffered a lot in Castle Oblivion when Marluxia exploited his nyctophobia to the fullest extent. Neo had to overcome his fears to save Sora, who he realized meant more to him than he thought, and after this he began to act less braggy, and more mature and he stays this way even in KH2 where he's forgotten everything that's happened. In fact, in KH: Chain of memories, he grabbed Sora and hugged him for the longest time crying, when Sora said he was his best friend because it was the first time Sora ever said it to him directly.

Reon Leonhart: Leon's twin brother(Warning this is only valid in dissidia or ff8). Reon is really strong and a pervert saying he would rape Leon in his sleep if he wasn't careful. Reon has a different eye color though, because his eyes are silver red, which is an unusual type of eye color. Reon is like his brother in every way except he is taller than Leon, not to mention he is ten times more perverted than Leon. He even wanted Leon to share Cloud with him and he put emphasis on the word share, and this resulted in a fight between the two. Cloud thinks of Reon as a lecherous dog, since Reon can and will often use the puppy dog eye trick. Reon is very powerful, he is even more powerful Leon and even Cloud, He even wields two Lionhart Gunblades with no effort at all. He even can cast a barrage of giant Dark Firaga that are even bigger than Sephiroth's Meteors, which is shocking to say the least. Reon is so strong that he can take out an estimated 10,000 Heartless with his bare hands alone without tiring. No one but Reon himself knows how he is so powerful but Leon may suspect the reason is because his true form and that he was holding back his own power. Reon falls for Neox in the weirdest way. Reon tries to have sex with Cloud, though the spiky blonde ALWAYS refuses. Soon after he starts dating Neox he will become extremely jealous of other guys Neox talks too. The TRUTH is that Reon was actually created by Neox prior to Neox being found by the organization, but he was in his Repuna Form and had entered Neox's mind in order to kill him, but Neox chose him as his guardian and quickly gave Reon's appearance as Leon, with a few differences. This explains why earlier in the organization XIII when he was made XIV he had no personality or anything for a few days. His original weapon of choice Are actually two Gunblades that he duel wields that turn into a Gunscythe that could cut through anything in it's path, also it can shoot blast of darkness from the blade. He's also a great at hand to hand combat with his kicks being able to block sword strikes. He's very flexible and is able to beat even Cloud without using his weapons. Also, another thing to note is that he uses his belts to subdue or swing around his Gunblades like a maniac. He only ever uses kick based martial arts. In FF8, He is Squall's twin brother who was kidnapped by Ultimecia and subjected to experiments and sexual abuse by lots and LOTS of monsters, specifically males. He was turned into a very socially confused individual after he was freed from being a GF. He wore a long white T-shirt and had long hair before he developed his own personality.

Neox: Neo's Nobody who was created when he jumped in front of Sora and got stabbed by Riku in the heart but his body was still there and soon after he woke up with a new heart which shocked Sora extremely. Neox was with Roxas by the Twilight Town Mansion. When Neox first arrived at the organization he was like New to everything but when he came on the battlefield of his first mission he became necessary asset to Organization XIII because he is like his somebody can wield two keyblades. Neox was like Neo in every way except with lighter skin tone. he is really protective of Roxas. He was put under Axel's care when he was introduced to the organization like Roxas. Also he can use powerful types of magic and also glide in theHis strongest attack is him running on close by building and then doing a back flip in mid air and throwing his keyblades together into 14 individual attacks dealing massive damage. Also, he has Limit when partnered up with Roxas called "Spinning Light." He has a great singing voice. Neo uses all the very rare types of magic like Watera, Quake, and Aeroga. He also has a latent power of Projection, where he imagines something OR someone and they will come out in real life, but he can't control this power very well, and he never told the Organization about this power because he thought they would use him evilly. It's revealed that he made Reon Leonhart from the King Repuna when he fell asleep and had to fight Chaox who had said that he should create a guardian to protect him, and Neox used the hostile Repuna King. Neox used so much energy it made Reon look different than he was supposed to look like.

Chaox: The evil entity that was created when Neox had a nightmare, and his Projection power which was developing made him real, but Neox had sealed him inside his body and weakened him. He's like the Sephiroth of Neox. He can control people with large amounts of darkness. Neox becomes his slave whenever he is able to escape into the real world, but Reon usually defeats him. Sometimes Neox can resist the mind control when he's out actually. His power is not to be underestimated as he is the only one who can really talk Sephiroth out of fighting...His presence is practically identical to Sephiroth's. Chaox randomly projects in to the real world, each time being different...yet, the one thing on his mind is always the same thing from the beginning. Making Neox his. He hates Reon so much that he'd call the Repuna King a piece of trash and a vile creature in a human bag.

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