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465Free Falling » It's been over a year since Jaime met the Bots. The Cons are searching for something, but that's the least of Jaime's worries. Lately she's been dreaming of a horrible monster who calls himself the Fallen. And who is the prisoner plaguing her dreams? There's a storm coming that only Jaime can sense, and when it hits, she's going to be right in the center of it. "I Feel Home" Sequel
Transformers, T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 16, words: 70k+, favs: 481, follows: 524, updated: 8/29/2016 published: 3/5/2013, W. Lennox, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe
23The Untold Story » Jolt slowly approached, dragging his pedes, as if walking to his execution. "I am sorry," Prime spoke, after his servo was fixed, "for whatever I have done to make you dislike me so strongly. I hope you can find it in your spark to forgive me." Jolt analyzed him before scowling. "It's nothing you did. It's what you failed to do." Jolt's untold reason for becoming an Autobot medic.
Transformers, T, English, Drama & Adventure, chapters: 5, words: 12k+, favs: 23, follows: 29, updated: 9/24/2015 published: 6/7/2013, Bumblebee, Ratchet, Optimus Prime, Jolt
11 Of Legends and Surprises Jaime's first Christmas with the Lennox family isn't…quite what she expected. "Jaime!" Annabelle whispered urgently, "I heard something on the roof!" Jaime rubbed her face. "The roof? There's no one on the roo-" She stopped upon hearing heavy footsteps overhead. She and Annabelle took a moment to stare at each other before silently dashing to the stairs. (Before Free Falling)
Transformers, T, English, Family & Humor, words: 3k+, favs: 63, follows: 25, 1/6/2015, Annabelle L., Optimus Prime, Sideswipe, Dino/Mirage
6 Butterfly Princess It started with a simple text. But nothing was ever simple for Clint Barton. A simple errand escalates into a dangerous confrontation. "Can I help you gentleman?" Clint asked the two causally, as if he were merely commenting about the weather and didn't have two guns in his face. Rated Teen for language and themes.
Avengers, T, English, Adventure & Family, words: 1k+, favs: 19, follows: 4, 10/28/2014, Black Widow/Natasha R., Iron Man/Tony S., Hawkeye/Clint B., Jarvis
334 I Feel Home » Jaime Hawthorne lost her parents to a car accident. Years later she thinks that her luck has finally changed after she is adopted. But strange things are happening. Like the voice she's been hearing from someone named Jazz. And why was that cop car following her? And what's with the weird vibe she always gets from that black pickup truck? And most importantly, what's the Allspark?
Transformers, T, English, Adventure & Friendship, chapters: 19, words: 79k+, favs: 684, follows: 359, updated: 10/15/2014 published: 11/28/2012, W. Lennox, Ironhide, Jazz, Sideswipe
14 Rock Paper Scissors Sunstreaker learns that not all squishes are pathetic. "Best five out of seven!" "Sunny…" "What are they doing?" "They've been at it all day." "ARGH!" "Okay, I win. Now—" "—Best seven out of nine!" "Oh come on Sunny! Just admit it already!" "No! There's no way that a stupid organic could possibly beat me at something!" "…You got some serious superiority issues." T b/c of Sunny boy.
Transformers, T, English, Humor & Friendship, words: 1k+, favs: 82, follows: 26, 10/10/2013, W. Lennox, R. Epps, Sideswipe
9 A (Not So) Common Occurence "When I get my servos on it, I'm gonna tear it apart!" "What are you talking about?" asked Will. "Look what it did to me!" "I don't—Oh…you mean the bird poop?" "Yes!" "Is that all? It's just bird poop. It'll come off with some water. I'll wash it off after breakfast, okay?" "Fine," Ironhide conceded. The Next Morning…"THAT SPAWN OF UNICRON, SOON TO BE OFFLINE ORGANIC!"
Transformers, T, English, Humor & Friendship, words: 2k+, favs: 91, follows: 17, 6/21/2013, W. Lennox, Sarah L., Ironhide, Ratchet
23 Duck Attack "What are you up to?" Ironhide scrutinized Jaime warily. "Have Jazz or Sides ever got on your nerves, and you wanted to get payback?" she asked slyly. "Every Orn," he grunted. "How'd you like to make them paranoid that someone was after them?" He looked at her. She had his entire attention now. "Who?" he asked. Jaime grinned devilishly. "Karma." T because of swearing.
Transformers, T, English, Humor & Suspense, words: 4k+, favs: 154, follows: 44, 2/24/2013, Ironhide, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe
15 Day of Reckoning Prowl shuffled his papers as he surveyed the court room. Jaime sat on a bench two rows behind him. Next to her sat Will, Jazz, and Sideswipe. Optimus sat at the same table as Prowl. A side door opened and Miss Narcissa was shuffled inside. Prowl analyzed her critically. This cruel woman had made Jaime suffer. He would ensure that she was locked up. Today was her day of reckoning.
Transformers, T, English, Drama & Angst, words: 1k+, favs: 83, follows: 24, 2/17/2013, W. Lennox, Jazz, Optimus Prime, Sideswipe
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