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OK so not so new to the Fan-fic world anymore. I have one unfinished story and it sucks. However, I do want to finish it and continue to write. Update: I am 29 yrs old, have a wonderful boyfriend, and a nice job.. wow things have changed since I have found this site over 10 yrs ago.. I stumbled upon during my Xmen craze, through HP, House, Southern Vampire, and now Twilight.. I must admit.. I am complete nerd lol. I am loving on Carslie and Jasper…Think that Edward is a total wuss and should have offed himself during New Moon…he is such a control freak. I would love Emmett as my big brother and would bitch slap Rose to the moon and back..but I still love her. Alice is ok..but is also a control freak.. and should just run off with Edward.. I am also in to the Southern Vampire me some Eric.. really am disappointed in True Blood though.. totally ruining the books.

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