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So I am guessing that if you are reading this, then you might be interested in knowing some things about me. God knows why anyone would want to know about such a boring guy like me, but you know what they say about looking a gift horse in the mouth so let's get this profile on the run!

(Little note, whenever i update anything regarding my stories i will give you guys a heads up through here so if i go long periods of time without any activity, the reason why will be placed here, so keep an eye out if you are interested. Always see the end of the profile for the updates.)

Name: Brave!

Real name: wouldn't you want to know...

Age: 21 years old

Career: College student -- future writer.

Gender: Male.

(the following lists are limited. i like a hell of alot more than what is shown here. this is just to give you guys an idea)

Favorite comic book characters:

- Spider-Man (Peter Parker): The best and greatest superhero of all time. Yes, seriously; and anyone who disagrees with this is wrong.

- Sandman: Neil Gaiman knows how to create amazing characters. This is his magnum opus in my opinion.

- Nightwing: The boy wonder except he is not a little boy anymore. Charmful and skilled, what is not to like.

- Red-Hood: Jason Todd. Damaged, but wants to do some good in the world. but it is his way, or the highway...

- Daredevil: Who is foolish enough to take on the man without fear? God, thats who. That asshole sure loves to screw up Matt's life at every corner.

- Judas: From Boom studios, from the comic book of the same name. A masterpiece in my opinion. Go read it.

- Pretty much every female super heroine, anti hero, villainess and side female character i have seen so far. They are beautiful, hot, and awesome. Nuff said.

Favorite anime/manga characters

- Edward Elric: The 2003 version. The best in my opinion. My favorite anime character to this day.

- Izuku Midoriya: ironically, this brĂ³coli is the closest i am going to get to a japanese spiderman. And it is awesome.

- Yoh Asakura: Shaman king was just the best man. Both the anime and the manga.

- Misato katsuragi: Hot, motherly, caring and badass. She would be the perfect woman if not for all the daddy issues.

- Ikari Shinji: "i hate this world, i reject it"... chills man. everytime.

- Yugi Muto/Atem: The best Doctor Jekyll and Mr Hyde dynamic since eddie and venom.

- Goku: Where it all began for me.

- Uzumaki Naruto: The first version is top tier for me. Shippuden, not so much. And the less said about boruto the better.

- L: justice will always prevail, no matter what. Also, just a very cool design.

- JoJo: i'll leave it up to you to find out which jojo i am talking about here. spoiler alert: all the jojos are the best jojos.

- Goblin Slayer: Have you seen the abridged series. It is pure gold!

- Bell Cranel: You just can't help but like this little scaredy rabbit.


- Rias Gremory: you know why...

- Saeko Busujima:you know why...

- Omamori Himari: the OG catgirl for me.

- Saitama: the perfect satire in my opinion.

Favorite video game characters:

- Kratos: Killing the gods of mythology has never been so much fun! it is also a very good parenting simulator.

- Doomguy: The OG man too angry to die.

- Ezio Auditore: I mean, he is the best assassin right?

- Snake: "Kept you waiting huh?"

- Monika: Just monika!


Writing is hard. It is perhaps one of the hardest things to do in this life. The more you do it, the better you get at it but it never stops being challenging. My advice? Never stop writing. Even if it is just three times a week or less. Even if you only write once every year. Even if you think that what you write is no good. Even if no one else but you is going to read what you write: ALWAYS. KEEP. WRITING.

There are worlds out there, just waiting to be born. hidden in the darkness of your imagination, there are great, magnificent worlds. full of wonder, and horror, and love, and drama, and tragedy and so much more.

They are waiting for you. You are the GOD that will bring those stories into the light.

So don't give up on yourself or on your stories. I at least believe in you.

So keep up the good work and stay frosty!

The best is yet to come! i just know it...

Signed-- Brave2000

Update: 05/06/21: currently working on my thesis project for college. Probably won't publish anything until i finish it but that can change if i am in the mood to write a new chapter in either stories. I will definitely post a poll though to ask you guys what new story idea you would like for mw to work on next. Just need to figure out how to actually make a poll on fanfiction. If anybody knows how, please tell me.

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