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Yosh!I'm new here so forgive my bad stories"
well i think i shud introduce myself..
Nur:Duh idiot
Me:Don't pressure me you baka

Name:unknown (Im not tellin)
Age:unknown(Still not tellin)
Likes:Sweet things,Cats(:33),My phone!(XD),Music
Dislikes:Gross stuff,Bullies(Meh =w=),my sister(XD Nur:OI!)
Favourite colour:Purple,Blue,Red,Green
Favourite anime:Inazuma Eleven/GO!!Katekyo Hitman Reborn,Beyblade,Fairytail,Shugo Chara,Nurahiyon no Mago and more(w

Favourite pairings
Ya know what? Instead of listing ALL of my OTP's,you're gonna have to ask me ;D i'm a huge Fujoshi so i'll leave it at that


there is alot but i shall only do some . If needed,i'll do them all .
Inazuma Eleven GO

Hiyomi Aldena
Nickname:Hiyo,Hiyo-nyan(my frens seriously call me tat =w=)
Appearance:Long brown hair until the waist with a heart pin on her right bang.Wears a blue blouse with a white jacket and a green frilly skirt wit ribbons at the edge as her normal clothes,also has teal eyes.
About:Has an older brother named,Hiroki,were abadoned when babies and was raised up and adopted by Ayuko(My OC) and Fidio.Used to be a SEED but then joined Raimon and became a manager.Usually hangs out with Kariya and Hikaru when she has free time.
Attitude:She's a as free time.nice,warm-hearted,out going and forgiving girl though can be rough sometimes when angry.Doesn't like to be teased or annoyed at any cost.
Team:Devil's Wrath(her team in Fifth Sector,Captain)Raimon(Manager)
Crush:Kariya Masaki
Dislikes:Dirty stuffs,Dogs

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

Hibari Miyu

Appearance:Mid-length auburn hair with teal blue eyes with two long bangs infront which are tied by thick strings(use your imagination xD).Normal attire are black frilly,gothic-like skirt with a light green blouse with the writing 'Goody-two-shoes' on it with 'the finger' beside it.Also with dark blue mid-high flat heels.
About:Elder brother is Hibari Kyoya and is the bearer of the Water Guardian.Real family were killed when she was 4,had a sister named Mayu who had the same hair as her though black in colour.Her Mother,Kizuki,was a student under Verde's teachings and her father was a hitman who was friends with Reborn.Due to the dangerous weapon they were building,they had to be killed,the task which was carried out by Reborn,Collonelo and Viper.Verde was there during the incident but was protecting them,Reborn was impatient and shot his gun towards Miyu but was protected by Mayu,who took the bullet.Her family died in their household and after that she spent 3 years training with Bermuda,who she meet since birth because Bermuda and her Father were close in the field.After that was adopted into the Hibari family
Attitude:Sweet and kind but fierce and serious in battle.Pampers Lambo sometimes but not always.Isnt very strict though for being in the Disciplinary Commitee but strict with her club members in Archery.

Likes:Cats,rainbows,archery,birds and sweets.
Dislikes:Dirty things,bullies,hurt animals and bad nicknames.

Well..that was long,maa..

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