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Words and Meanings

Moment - 90 seconds
It's use colloquially to describe a indistinctly short period of time, but strictly speaking it means 1 and a half minutes.
Quantum - The minimum amount of any physical entity involved in an interaction.
This word does not mean big. If you see anyone using it in that context, have a giggle at the silly.
Decimation - 'Removal of a Tenth'
Originally a military punishment/disciplinary action created by the Romans. By drawing lots, 1 in every 10 soldiers was chosen and then beaten or stoned to death by the other 9. To refer to any loss of anything as decimation/ed is to declare a loss of 10%, which is a grievous loss for any military force. Wiping out/fighting to the last man is the rarest of exceptions, not the rule. To reiterate; If a military commander who had 100 soldiers states his troops have been decimated, he has lost 10 of them. Not 20, not 50, not some nebulous but very bad amount. 10. Dead. People.
The Blood of the Covenant is thicker than the Water of the Womb
The full version of the oft misused quote, meaning the bonds you choose are stronger than the ones you are born with.
Rage - Violent anger.
Contrary to popular usage rage doesn't mean really angry in a vague way. It means anger to the point where you are ready and willing to perpetrate violence.

Things in media/fanfiction that irk me:

1. Improper use of 'decimation'. Could you tell? Maybe I should reiterate to make the point more obvious? Perhaps some incoherent screaming and yelling...
2. Author's Notes in the middle of a chapter. Why would you do it? Why abuse your own writing like that? Why not headers or footers...
3. Using 'quickly' to describe character action sequences. The character is involved in a life threatening situation, the readers don't need to be told they're acting quickly because we can in fact infer that much, ya know? Stating it doesn't really add anything to the story but another word for the count and possibly ruin the narrative flow.
4. Overestimation of time in fight scenes. Just go and watch some videos of professional martial arts, armed and unarmed. Seriously, go to youtube right now and look some up.
5. Imprecise/vague units of time in descriptive/expository text where precise units should be. Using 'around/about X amount of time' isn't any more informative or narrative building than 'X amount of time'. If the seconds, minutes, hours, days, ect don't matter, why bring them up?
6. Depiction of major injuries as minor. I know we're (mostly) not medical professionals and it's something that many a lifelong/professional writer has done, but a little research isn't too much to ask for. For example: spitting blood. If an injury has you spitting or leaking blood from the mouth, then it's (probably) come from either your mouth or your stomach/lungs. Bleeding from the mouth isn't normally a big deal, teeth are supposed to be sharp. On the other hand if someone/thing hits you in the torso so hard that blood comes out of your mouth, they have just ruptured and/or punctured your stomach/lungs and you are at serious risk of dying in excruciating pain (guts) or drowning in your own blood (lungs). You need rapid medical attention, not to keep fighting.
7. Spelling or grammatical errors in a title/summary. It doesn't speak well of how much an author cares about a story if they don't put in the effort to proofread the very first thing their potential readers encounter.

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