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Hi. I am just a 30 something Alaskan gal who recently moved back to America after living overseas and ended up in Texas. I am an avid reader who cannot let go of a few of my favorite stories. Whether it is in a form of a book, tv show or movie. I want MORE. So I am thankful for other people who have more creativity and write more stories in these fantastic worlds we all love. Or secretly just cannot admit we do. So I do not have any stories to share myself (too shy) but check out of my favorites list. I have even more on my following list.

I mainly read Harry Potter, Trueblood/Southern Vampire Mysteries, Twilight and TVD fanfiction. I have tried 50 Shades, Avengers and Supernatural as well. But recently fell in love with Labyrinth fiction (loved it since a little girl) and also some crossovers. So branching out into other favorite book series and movies to see if like any fiction.

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