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Hey! My penname is DaniTheRedDragon, but you can call me Dani!

Future Stories!:

Philippines and The World Around Her Hetalia

It's Piri's first World Meeting! Follow along as she has a little family reunion, is slighted haunted by the war-torn past, and more!


I feel like absolute shit for not updating for, oh I dunno, like two years. I will take full responsibility for this, and since I finally have more free time in my schedule, I am having this huge "clean-up". Good news, some of my stories will go through a "rewriting" process. Hell, that means longer chapters, better dialogues, and less shitty stories. Bad news, my other stories will be deleted, but don't worry, I might even restart/rewrite them someday.


Maria's Kids?

Philippines's "kids" burst in during a world meeting. And everyone's freaking out! The problem? Some of the country's wanna have a turn at being a dad! Rated T for Romano

The Darkness Within the Pearl

The Philippines goes missing! And when they find her she's dead! But then a mysterious note pops out and the nations find out about the darkness, hidden within.. Includes OC! Philippines and rated T because Romano's in here, and you know what that means!

The New Girl

Maria De La Cruz is the personification of the Republic of the Philippines, and also the new student at the World Academy. Read along as she meets up with old friends and family, create new friends, and keep up with the chaos! But what happens when her harsh and confidential past catches up with her? I don't own the cover, or Hetalia. I only own this story, and some people.



Love Triangle

This is a love story about Ueki and Mori, but when Mori finds a guy, what'll Ueki do?


Just Let Me Say Those 3 Small Words


(Note: I just update whenever)


Author's Notes: One of my first OC's (you can tell by the uncreative name, with laziness practically bleeding through its letters), she has a pretty..."unique" design. No matter how it may seem like it, she is not my persona. (my persona would probably be an even bigger dumbass anyway)

Species: Unknown

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Unknown

Relationship Status: Single, and damn well will stay that way

Personality/Appearance: An extremely quirky, yet emotional doofus. Though her true age is unknown, she seems to be going through a "rebellious stage", suggesting that she's in her teens (in human years). This is shown, as though she was born with black hair, she bleached the ends white, and dyed her bangs red, "coincidentally" after her quardian refused to condone her doing so. Though she may not look like it, but she's actually quite clever. She just really hates school, and is often late. She has pale skin, black eyes (literally black, not just a super dark brown, another piece of evidence implying she isn't human), and often paints her nail red.

Hobbies: Teasing her friends, Pulling Pranks, Fist Fighting (or "fisticuffs", whatever they are)

Qualities: Quirky, Emotional, Clever, Lazy, Rebellious, Irrational, Loud, Mischievous, Responsible


Author's Notes: Another of my firsts. She actually appears in several of my stories, but for a good reason (that is not to be announced until future date)

Species: Human

Age: 21-32

Gender: Female

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Married, and has a daughter

Personality/Appearance: Her personality was highly inspired by that of Mother Mary, from the Catholic Church. Gentle, kind, and loving, she is normally a quiet person, but doesn't hesitant to start a conversation with her peers and family. However, she can be rather terrifying, sometimes threatening those around her. She's from a story I had as an assignment when I was in school, and in that story she was an orphan who was transported to an island from a music box, eventually taking along the other orphans in search of a better life. As more people were (literally) washed up to the island, an empire eventually formed, with its founder, Elle, its queen. She's married to (TBA, I need to find that story again...), and her daughter is (TBA, goddamit). She has long light brown hair, pale blue eyes, and (deathly) pale skin.

Hobbies: Teaching, Being with Family, Reading, Writing, Singing, Taking care of others

Qualities: Motherly, Gentle, Kind, Loving, Overreactive, Slow, Childish, Scary, Responsible, a Leader, Tactical

Maria De La Cruz (AKA The Republic of the Philippines)

Author's Notes: One of my most used OC's. In many of my stories, she is either briefly mentioned, or the protagonist.

Species: Country Personification, Human (in some AUs)

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female:

Status: Alive

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Personality/Appearance: Her personality is inspired by that of the Piscean, the last of the Zodiacs. Like them, she can be rather innocent, shy and introverted, and a bit of a dreamer. However, she is incredibly loyal, strong, and independent. Sometimes, she can be a bit of a perfectionist, and is also incredibly dense (hell, she'd take the trophy, and not even know she won it until someone told her). Maria can also be quite stubborn and sensitive, but she is a great friend.

Hobbies: Watching Soap Operas, Reading Manga, Watching Anime, Karaoke, Cooking

Qualities: Reliable, Trustworthy, Innocent, Loyal, Shy, Introverted, Strong, Independent, Dense, Stubborn, Sensitive, Perfectionist

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