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If you're reading this, then you're probably wondering what's with this bizarre person who likes to leave typically long reviews. Well, I suppose I've been here long enough to give out some exposition.

Heh, I've been lingering on this site, always searching and reading any story that fits what I'm looking for, but occasionally I give others types of stories critique if I wind up interested enough to look at it. What attracts me most of the time is AU's based on the original works. I absolutely love it when I'm reading a story that contains original flavor; it feels like you're immersed within the universe you adore so much and got you longing for more.

It's my firm truth that every single person here has a great and vivid imagination and they come here to explore and share it with the rest of the web for all to enjoy. Sometimes some beliefs might disagree over what should be what, but in the end, we're all brothers and sisters threaded and linked together to explore fiction like never before.


Things that may be helpful when writing fanfiction. Some of it's pretty obvious, but it's helpful to be friendly reminded time to time.

  1. Grammar and Spelling is principle. No matter how great the idea can spiral the imagination, inadequate wording, lack of punctuation, conjunction malfunctions...etc, really can hurt someone's head trying to comprehend just what the heck is going on. A few errors here and there isn't going to hurt anyone (I hope) but frequent mistakes start to butcher the sanity of anyone.
  2. Sentence Fluency. A tricky subject without a doubt. It's to keep phrases and words linked to each other so that it transitions to the next part smooth as ice. Read it outloud; does it sound right at the tip of your tongue? Does it feel right? Does it make sense? Does it relate to the topic on hand? In the words of Harrison Ford: "You can write this crap, but you sure can't say it." When you get good at it, you can start getting creative and find ways to make the content juicy and exciting.
  3. Have fun. A writer told me that if you're not having fun writing, then your readers are very much likely not to have fun reading. If writing is becoming too much of a chore, then you'd probably want to take a break and take your mind off your story's universe. Writer's Block will happen to you at some point, so relax your mind until your creative batteries have recharged. I know fans out there will forever poke you with cries to update and declare you dead if you go over a week without an update, but patience (for you and them) is key. Quality over quantity.
  4. Professionalism. Every story should have a neat title and a summary underneath it; seeing someone lament that a better summary exists inside, mention that this is their first fic, and/or say this summary sucks is a major, major turn away. They say never judge a book by it's cover, but first impressions do in fact turn many potential readers away. Also, keep your AN's and other notes at the top, or if they're addressing something that happened in the story, then at the bottom; not in the middle of it. Seeing a big massive AN in the middle of a story to explain something that just happened really kills the mood and frustrates your reader.
  5. It's the journey that counts. The core content of any story is the adventure itself. The climax is what everything in the journey that's been building up to that one moment and appropriately closes the plot, leaving the reader's reveling in the magic. The bad part is that it's all over!
  6. Never be afraid to consult trusted people for advice or help. It may go a very long way when you have someone paying attention to detail to point things out. Insecurity, pride, and the fear that this may gloriously backfire is the reason why this doesn't happen as often as you'd think.


Here are some things that you, the reviewers can do to better support the stories you adore so much!

  1. It's a little known fact that it's far easier to read stories than it is to write them. Think about it from the author's perspective; writing is a hobby they are doing for free. Ergo, please don't feel entitled if something's taking too long to update or the author is not doing the suggestion you gave him/her!
  2. I'm not trying to say anticipation and speculation is something that will annoy the author in the reviews; your imagination isn't being stroked if you're not wondering what will come next. Anticipation and Speculation is a large part of the fun that comes to daydreaming and reading, especially if the author leaves it on a cliff hanger! If you are, then the author has your attention and you're entranced by the story on hand.
  3. Never be afraid to dish out some constructive criticism. If you have any concerns, found some inconsistency, etc., make it pleasantly known; people constantly seek to improve their skills... or at least should as far as I know...
  4. For the love of the Lord, if your favorite author hasn't updated in a while, be it a day, a week, month, year, or whatever... please relax. Again I point to number 1. Boosting review counts is one thing; filling them with cries of UPDATE PLZ, WHEERZ DA UPD8?, Y U ABANDOND STOREH? is a waste of space and accomplishes nothing. Heck, one author I know is afraid to open his inbox due to the spam he gets delay.
  5. Sometimes it's just a pain in the butt to think of something to say when leaving a review. It's hard to put your likes into words and form something coherent that makes the author happy. "Great Chapter" and other short general praises aren't really filling to the author him/herself. If you need ideas about what to say, then think about what you liked the best, what made you laugh, what makes you re-reading parts over and over, pondering the future, the magic in the air, and so forth. Stuff like that excites the author and lets that person know he's doing something right.



The principle reason I came to this site to explore my interest in the subject! Although the majority of what I read is Pokémon related, I do dab in other fields time to time.

Likes and Dislikes

  1. I typically am centered around stories featuring Ash Ketchum. I find the best of which are those managing to keep his core personality intact rather than becoming a stoic, cold, and detached killer unless it's a deliberate deconstruction.
  2. Stories that touch upon Ash's connection to the Legendary Pokémon.
  3. Legendary Pokémon in general!
  4. I have a bias towards OC's. I don't mean those that are made for the purpose of being the "character of the day" like in the anime, but those that are being a core protagonist. Probably a side effect for being ever vigilante for Mary Sues, since often they're a self-insert being far more intelligent and successful than Ash himself; in short, flawless and infallible characters. Sturgeon's law is in play though.
  5. Not too much of a fan of extremely dark fics, even those that are amazing and well-written. I may give some a shot, but it just doesn't entirely seem to feel...Pokémon anymore.
  6. I like those that adopt a more mature atmosphere, but yet remain safe for older children. To get the right blend of that is unusually hard, but those that do I find to be magical. For example, I found Pokémon Heroes and mid and to late seasons of Star Wars: The Clone Wars to get that right blend. It's hard to describe, but it tingles some foreign six sense that makes me enjoy them immensely.


Stories in Progress/Hiatus

Oh some stories that I have written over a good 20k words for each, but the accursed imagination leads to diverted attention and focusing on other topics; coming back to them sometimes results in a writer's block or I think something while working but the fire burns out before I can get to my computer several hours later. It may be a very long time before I release any of them, if I ever do. I apologize in advance for being pessimistic and cynical.

The Light Shining in the Dark

All actions have consequences, no matter the methods nor the intentions. Once every thousand years, two brothers will arise again to claim dominance over life and death. The Chosen One is destined to be the final arbiter, but the destroyer's desperation to be unbounded by fate may threaten to unleash an apocalypse to Kalos. Characters: Ash Ketchum, Xerneas, Yveltal.

Golden Heart & Onyx Scales

A scion of two different worlds, a lonely black-scaled Rayquaza felt like a stranger to humans and Pokémon alike. First appearing from a monstrous and mysterious storm, Ash Ketchum lived a sheltered life away from the world's prying eyes but grew restless with each passing day. Following in the footsteps of his best friend, the dragon of the skies sets off on a Pokémon Journey to transverse the world, but more importantly discover himself. Characters: Rayquaza!Ash Ketchum, Pikachu.

Hoenn Reloaded: Thievery of Time and Space

Taken as a prize by a sinister master of rifts and rings, Ash and Pikachu suffer as the mysterious creature's playthings. A timely intervention thrusts them back to a land they journeyed through in the past. But they discover not everything is the way they had remembered it. Characters: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Hoopa.

City of Temporal Steel

Captivated by the promises of adventure, Ash travels to a massive metropolis resting on a recently-discovered region. Heavily promoting on tourism as an industry, many new opportunities have presented themselves to trainers worldwide. But many rumors and questions arose over the city's purpose and its founder & current governess, one who's said to be the Sinnoh Legendary Pokémon, Dialga. Characters: Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Dialga.

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