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Ciao, mi amicos! I am godhunter847!!!! While I am an atheist, that has nothing to do with the name, it's just a cool screen name (admit it, it is...). I love Assassin's Creed, Star Wars and Star Trek, Halo, and many other things that include either gruesome deaths, cool tech, or explosions. Preferably, all of the above. Any way, I've several story plans already in the process of being developed in my demented imagination. Many include time travel. All include Assassin's Creed. I'm not into writing that yaoi/yuri junk. I often set my stories in crossovers, the future, the past, or a mixture of any of the preceeding. I very rarely set them in the present, as I'm too lazy to look up real life weapons and/or other miscellaneous info. Also, I always do series, so no single stories here. If you want to read any more of my more serious authorial creations, look me up on ''. Same screen name. "A Long Time Ago with A Hidden Blade" is my main concern, however, I'm always writing something new for one of my stories, so don't be surprised if one sits unedited for weeks then suddenly updates. Expect new posts often!!

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