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Hiya my name is Cordelia and im 15 and live in London. "Whether your gay, straight, purple, orange, dinasaur i dont care" Darren Criss.

I ship klaine way more then should! I think its amazing how they have helped people come out and it drives me crazy when people say that they have made people gay and if Ryan ever tryes to break them up i will go all Lima Heights on his sorry little ass ! sorry the santana in me is coming out. I just cant handle thinking about them breaking up.

Ok so were do i begin well Chris Colfer and Darren Criss are my role models they are all so amazing and talented it just ... intense.

Chris is my biggest role model he made me want to be a better person i was never bullied or anything, I was just always negative but when i started looking up to Chris iv'e becomes so much more of a happier person. Sorry you properly don,t care but you know. we could be here for a long time but another amazing things about him is that all though he got bullied he has come so far and he's only 23! He was only 19 when he started glee and hes was 21 when he was in the top 100 most influential people and he wrote The Land Of Stories and wrote and performed in a film. Now you cant say he has gotten so far and he's still so young.

Darren is amazing he has such an amazing voice and he's come so far as well. From Youtube to Broadway to singing for the president AMAZING ! ! !

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