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Bio: Hi, my name is crystalline talisman. I'm using this pseudonym in order to maintain a little anonymity especially with regards to avoiding my previous fanfiction "attempts" in the past. I'm a 24 year old student studying for medical school. I don't get a lot of personal time because I'm either studying, working, or doing some sort of extracurricular activity, but I find writing to be really cathartic. I hope you enjoy reading my work. If you want to find me outside ffn, I have a tumblr I frequent, but it tends to be incoherent babbling and a crap ton of crack pot gifs I make. You can find me at http:// on my personal blog, or http:// on my atla/lok blog :)

Fics in Progress:

Threads of Fate: It is said that the spirits tied a thread around the ankles of every person, connecting the lives of people who are destined to touch. Though the string tangles and stretches, it never breaks. Within the walls of Republic City, five people - an accountant for a street gang, a construction worker, an heiress to a corporate empire, a South Pole diplomat, and the son of a queen - find themselves brought together by the red thread of fate. AU. Makorra. Last Update 07/05/2012

The Dark and Wild: Over 10,000 years ago, we failed to see the darkness arrive, but now we are consumed by it. We are children of darkness, fighting to restore light. But there are those who would stop us, profit off our suffering. I believe I have found the light to lead us back, but I can't be sure. Until that time, I will stay strong and I will fight. My name is Katara; I am the last waterbender from the South Pole, and I will not yield. Eventual Zutara, with Blutara and BluePaint. Last Update 12/03/2013

Cruel Intentions: For Zuko and his stepsister Azula, sex is a weapon most expertly wielded to humiliate others that cross their paths. The number of humiliated students at their university is staggering, and the young man finds himself increasingly bored with these antics. He desires the ultimate challenge, and challenge he receives when Azula presents him with Katara, daughter of the new chancellor. Katara is smart, sweet, and completely immune to all of Zuko's charms. Yet his pride and an unsavory bet with Azula make him all the more determined to make her his. AU. Zutara. TBD.

Completed Fics:

Ethereal: When Katara is kidnapped and brought to the Volcanic Islands by the Dragon King's orders, she finds herself in a radically different world from her protected and ancient lifestyle, especially when she is thrust into the Dragon Court's politics. It isn't long before she's at odds with the unpredictable Descendants of the Dragons, and Crown Prince Zuko is challenged by the ethereal nature of the siren while the Dragon Court's fa├žade of stability slowly crumbles away. AU. Zutara. Completed 06/13/2012

A Beautiful Nightmare: The beauty of a nightmare is you always wake from it, no matter how horrid it is. Yet for Korra, this is anything but that. AU. Equalist!Makorra. Completed 07/04/2012

The Caregiver: Mako goes into his bathroom to find that Korra has had a little too much to drink. AU. Oneshot. Makorra. Completed 07/10/2012

The Art of Dating: Korra, the personal assistant to the Director of Finances for Future Industries, finds herself in the same problem of falling for the wrong guy. After getting dumped by her latest boyfriend, she finds herself taking relationship advice from the handsome yet distant new director, Mako. Mako's philosophy is love is a power struggle, and whomever comes out on top is the 'winner.' When Korra starts taking his cues with a new boyfriend, Mako soon discovers he's lost all the power he ever thought he had to his beautiful assistant. Modern!AU PWP. Makorra. Completed 10/06/2013

Polar Nights: In order to end a long standing war between the Fire Nation and Water Tribe, Prince Zuko is sent to the frigid desert of the South Pole by his cousin Fire Lord Lu Ten, where he is greeted by subzero temperatures, polar nights, igloos, and lots and lots of sea prunes. Of course, it is also when he finds out he's to be wed to the hard headed, spiritual leader Katara. And if that wasn't hard enough, he has to do it all with her overbearing brother leaning over his shoulder. Inspired by the question, "Why does Katara always have to go to Zuko in an arranged marriage fic?" AU. Zutara. Last Update 10/23/2015

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