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I'd like to thank Little peach Blossom, for being the first that reviewed my first story. ~~~{@ receive a rose

Anyway here's my bio:

Name: Kim Dela Cruz
Age: it's a bloody secret
Birthday: It's a secret. But I am a cancer.
Blood type: Who cares?!
Personality: I am EVILLE!!! nah. I'm actually too nice. It's annoying, to me since I am frequently bossed around.

eyes: dark brown. |f you're an |d|ot, ou'll m|stake |t for black
ha|r: r|ght now, short
hair color: hmm.. e|ther black or brown... | th|nk |t's black..
hieght: 5"1

current fr|ends from :
and Hoshihikari4ever

Favorite Cartoon Characters:
From CCS: Sakura, Eriol, Yue,Touya, Yukito and a lot more.
From Inu-yasha: Inu-yasha!!!! Since I love dogies!
From FY: Hotohori and Nakago!!! Long hair's cool!
From AnC: Yuuhi only.
From Sailor moon: Seiya
From Rave: Haru and Musica
From Cyberteam in Akihabara: Crane!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Hibari !!!!
From Rayearth: Hikaru
From Gundam: Zechs!!!!!!!!!!
and a lot more
Favorite Books: I like books. Most of the books I like are classic, but I do read new books (aka whose authors are still alive) like Harry Potter, Confessions of Georgia Nicolson, Princess Diaries and a few more.
Grade in School: 9!!!
Hates: warm days (heat is bad for my temper), scary movies, scary things, scary stories and stuff that scares people. I have an over-active imagination. Oh and Yaoi (sorry. Please don't kill me)

How come there's no page for Cyberteam in Akihabara? That one is so cool! And the story is really nice.

And also my other favorite. It is still a mangga though. But I'm not sure. I think its name is Sora wa Akai Kawa no Hotori (gosh! at first I thought it was Hotohori.) I hope there will be a category for that.

By the way, you can send me your notes and comments at my other email add:

Well that's it. I'll try to write stuff ASAP, 'kay?

and right now, I have a new friend!!! Yay!!! happy happy joy joy! woohoo!
she's YiNgFa-FuIsO!! Say hi to her please!

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