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I have hiatused everything that is currently on-going and up. DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND! I AM NOT ABANDONING THEM! (Though I am still uncertain about continuing Converging Destinies... My inspiration has had everything done to it to destroy it, except obliteration by atomic blast. I'm not sure on that one...) Besides Converging Destinies, I DO PLAN ON CONTINUING ONE DAY, HOWEVER, I need to do some major overhauls, and plot work. I have plot hole, Over powered character, terrible fight scene, dishonorable grammar galore. I REPEAT, I AM NOT ABANDONING MY STORIES! I need to practically re-write most of them, but ya', know that's about all. Well that and work on plot/inspiration. I pretty much know what I plan to do for SotS through to the end. As for other stories however, a lot of plot is up in the air even for that one, and beyond that, for everything else, I have no direction - I'm going through the motions of average plot instead of making my own.

NoH is in the process of re-plot re-write, and is going extremely well. I hope to finish it within a couple years and then turn to some other stories and give them the serious overhauls they deserve. I can't say however exactly how long this will take. I am a dual credit student going on full college student starting Fall 18 Semester, so I'll get to it when I can.

Gender: Female

Location: My Desk, which is my office, which is in my house, which is somewhere in Idaho.

Hi! I'm Bubblekins1010, so yea, I'm happy to say I've published some fics, they're the fics I've spent hours upon hours upon more hours writing, a lot of my time is consumed with many things, I have four fics going, four books, I'm trying to draw a graphic Novel, I have many stories I'm re-writing, watching my little sister, chores, and many other things to do.

I have two sisters, I'm in high school, and I'm LDS (AKA (I'm of the Church of * * of Latter Day Saints) AKA Mormon)). A lot of my friends are at church, because I'm also homeschooled (Which is totally awesome BTW!), go IDVA!

I would love, love, love, love,some more reviews, they make me want to write faster.


Raena (Rini): Hey guys. Sorry it's been so long, but I'm in college at the moment. Becoming an Air Traffic Controler? Not easy. Good news is I'll be working on the next chapter over my break between quarters, so you'll hopefully get a chapter soon, but if not, expect one sometime in August.

*Later in the year during December* Bubblekins: I know we still haven't gotten anything done, but Raena is coming home from college tomorrow so I'l make sure we get on it... Soon... Ish... Within the next few weeks.

*Mid-January* Bubblekins: Ok, I lied, I didn't get on it with her, we didn't write a SINGLE. WORD. So, don't expect anything, nor hold your breath until like March-ish (That's the plan so far... No guarantees on that being rock solid though). (EDIT: Make that April)

*November* Okay, so I know Raena has been home since like June now... But haven't even looked at it. I'll try and get her on it before she leaves again next month. XD Sorry guys, please no killing the authoresses it makes it a bit hard for us to write if you do.

*March* *Jumpy, and looking for pitchforks, Uhm... I'm not making any promises on this story. Ever... We still haven't written a single word...

I don't suffer from insanity... I enjoy every minute of it. If you are insane, enjoying every second, and proud of it, copy this and paste it into your profile.

If you think that life without computers is useless then copy this to your profile.

If you have ever considered going to the dark side since they have cookies, copy this onto your profile.


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"Impossible isn't in my dictionary! I ripped that page out."- Rita Mordio Tales of Vesperia

"Men and fish are alike. They both get into trouble when they open their mouths."- Jimmy D Moore

Determination and persistance are the same thing, determinaton is getting what you want through not giving up, and persistance is pestering people about until they break and still not giving up. But in he end they both do one thing, they get you what you want.

If you are strongly opposed to Texting while driving and vow never to use your phone while behind the wheel unless pulled over to the side of the road, COPY AND PASTE THIS INTO YOUR PROFILE!

(Trust me people there are a lot of sad videos on Youtube that demonstrate just how much damage it can do, the mom of my friend was lucky to make it out alive because someone was so DUMB they couldn't put the phone down!!!! It changes people's lives forever, and it's not only your own life it changes or takes, but it does it to the people you know and love, and any passengers! It's not worth it! If you need more proof look up "The Last Text" on Youtube and watch it, it's about ten minutes long.

Rewiews: they make me a better author, and it makes me happy to read about how much people like my stories, anonymous rewiews are enabled, so anyone can review. :)

Also a little thing about me is that you can tell when I've been writing early into the morning. And that is when I miss a bunch of letters in words. Whenever you see that PLEASE tell me the story, chapter, and area, and I'll read over it and fix it ASAP. Thanks!

Naruto's Owl in The Saga of Hogwarts


May be dropped:

Converging destinies... Removed from site. I'm not sure I'll ever put it back. If I ever happen to get the inspiration I need to finish it I'll work on it. Otherwise... Sorry.

Finished works:

J.P. Birthday Party Crashers!

Koji's Worst Nightmare...

Revenge on Snape

Taijutsu challenge Naruto VS. Lee!

Naruto's Sick Day

The Ultimate Digital Adventure

The Musings of a 1000 Year old Sensei

Son of a Businessman

Flying Lesson(s)

Happily Ever After (Eventually)

The Ninja of Hogwarts! The Summer After Hogwarts Year 1

Stories on Hiatus for re-writing:

Tsunade's Son... HIATUS OP Naruto, too funny, following Naruto plot to closely, needs it's own story.

Son of the Snake... HIATUS Okay, so this is one of my prouder stories. I even pulled off the evil Naruto pretty well. HOWEVER, I need to work on plot/character development, fix grammar and spelling mistakes in early chapters along with some plot issues. I can't finish it until I fix it. It's to horrible. I can't hardly look at it right now. And again, it's been about 3 years since I started it. I NEED TO OVERHAUL IT. I've gotten WAY better at writing since then.

Rookie 12 Plus 6... HIATUS Okay, This is literally the third story I ever wrote to be published on this site. I wrote it probably four years ago. It needs a serious overhaul. It's... Got issues...

Story Status:

When Worlds Collide... HIATUS (But I MAY get something soon (Like in... four-ish months if I can really get my plot put together.)

The Saga of Hogwarts... Trying to keep a schedule. We'll see if I can - maybe you guys will even pick up on it if I'm consistent enough.

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