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Hello friend! Welcome to that part of the profile that nobody actually really cares about and doesn't read but if you don't have one your profile looks really weird and empty, so I kind of have to write it anyways.

Everybody calls me Ash, it's not my actual name, or even close to my actual name, but feel free to call me it. I'm working on making it a permanent nickname, but since it's not close to my real name my IRL friends and family just sort of look at me weird and shake their heads and walk away.

I'm 26 as I'm writing this, but that doesn't mean I am now. Sometimes I forget to update these things. Just assume I'm 26, I sometimes forget my own age and if you get it wrong I probably won't realize it and won't correct you.

Not entirely sure what else to say. PM me with any and all questions! I'm pretty good for responding to both PMs and reviews.


Afterword Series (Doctor Who)

All the Stories We Never Told: Touched by an Angel, Amy Pond was certain that her life with the Doctor was over. But when she wakes up in the basement of Hendrix's department store, which has been overrun by walking shop dummies, she starts to understand that her life might not be as linear as she thought. And where exactly is Rory? NOW FINISHED. Currently being edited.

And the Days That Never Came: SEQUEL. Giving up her biggest chance to find Rory, Amy is now stuck searching with a brand new Doctor. But something is wrong, and the timelines are cracking. But this is something from her past? Or something new altogether? FINISHED.

At the Edge of Silence: Third in a Series. Devastated by the events at Canary Wharf, The Doctor and Amy are barely keeping it together when they take on new Companion Martha Jones. But new and old enemies lurk in the shadows and the Master has an ace up his sleeve. As the Earth threatens to fall to pieces a race begins to either save Rory, or save the world. Series 3 AU (Hiatus, but stay tuned ;)

Of the Silver Hand Series (World of Warcraft)

Light Handed: Addy Fairchild was just trying to make ends meet when the Legion decided to attack her home in Westfall. Angry and determined to fight back, Addy soon finds herself in the middle of a much larger fight than she could have ever imagined. Legion based. Anduin Wrynn/OC. Slow Burn.

Broken Handed: Coming Soon.

Victory Series (Percy Jackson):

On the Wings of Victory: Self-proclaimed coward Jane Braxton has been sucked into a book where monsters want to eat her. But the worst part? She's pubescent! Now, only twelve years old and barely able to hold a sword, she's dragged on a quest with an insane group of demigods who don't know the meaning of the words 'self preservation'. And if only her mother would give her a straight answer. OC Permanent Hiatus

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