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Hey ! On this site (among others), I call myself Aiphira (I made the name myself, combined it with two others - did it so long ago, don't remember which ones were used, just remember that one of them was a Dragon) and I am from Lithuania. There's not really much to share, since I'm kind of an introvert and don't like to talk about myself, sooo, yeah... Cya!! .\\ *waves*

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For my story, Victoria, the main character - Victoria - was an orphan, until she got adopted into a family that already had a daughter - Andy. They got along really well, but her parents didn't really like Victoria after some time and they left them both. Then, Victoria got diagnosed with an unknown disease. When she got diagnosed, everyone - her friends, 'best friends', and everyone at school left her and started bullying her. But she learned how to completely hide her emotions. The only one that stayed with her was her step-sister, Andy. After a few years, the disease got worse. At 17 years old, she finally died and got sucked into the Vampire Diaries. There, she is Elena's fraternal twin sister, and strange things start happening to her. Katherine also had a twin sister, but she disappeared. What happened? Find out more by reading the story !

Also, Victoria liked singing and creating music very much so we'll also have that in the story, and she can be (in later chapters) .. by-polar, I guess that's the word? She will be cool with everything one second, love Elena the second, hate Elena and tell her to stop making everything about herself the third etc...

In my story, Victoria - the main character - looks like Taylor Momsen.


Other things

Her motorcycle - http:///img.jpg?id=14486&class=med640

Phoenix helmet (spare helmet) - http:///assets/accessories/500/Phoenix_Blk_1-500.jpg

Dragon helmet (Tori's helmet) - http:///assets/accessories/500/Dragon_Blk_1-500.jpg

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