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Hello, wonderful strangers on the internet!

I'm Hannah, the author formally known on this site as BananaLollypop but I picked that name when I was like 12, so I decided an update was needed. My new account name is AFanOfFandoms, which very nearly matches my username over on AO3 (FanOfFandoms - go check it out! ;) ).

I'm currently at university studying for a degree in English Language and Linguistics *insert excuse about being a student and therefore having no time to write which means slow updates here*.

My top 5 fandoms at this exact second in time (NOTE: subject to change) are: Marvel, DC (TV shows only woops), Now You See Me, Once Upon a Time and Les Miserables.

Most of my fics haven't been updated in forever (I KNOW I KNOW I'M SORRY); I'm trying to get back into writing and I'm going to sort through and delete all the fics that I'm not going to continue; I might rewrite, I might never think about them again... who knows! :D

If you do like whatever I actually do upload, then it'd mean the absolute world if you could drop a quick review and let me know! I know that every author say it, but we need the validation of our readers to survive (or at least to keep writing), so that 2 minutes that it takes you to drop us a quick line mean more than you think!

I hope you enjoy the worlds I create here and if there's anything you want to see here that doesn't yet exist: let me know!

My Fics:

-Alice in Wonderland Again (Alice, 2009): Many years have passed since Alice and Hatter made a life in the real world, but when their past comes back to haunt them, how will they react, especially now that their daughter is involved? *ON HIATUS*

-By Learning How (Doctor Who): He isn't the Doctor; Clara thinks she knows that. What she really knows is that he's not HER Doctor, and Eleven just can't leave the new Doctor to go on without an Impossible Girl. *Spoilers for The Time of the Doctor* (One-shot) *COMPLETE*

-Semper Fi (Doctor Who): Amy's nightmares are good at taking things away from her that she knows she could never bare to lose. (Amy/Rory romance one-shot) *COMPLETE*

-What if... Enjolnine (Les Miserables [Musical]): AU-series of connected one shots (each posted as a seperate fic) following the lives of Enjolras and Éponine as a couple. (I am accepting prompts!! Although they have to start with 'What if..' -) *ON HIATUS*

-What if... Enjolnine: The Extended Edition (Les Miserables [Musical]): All of the original oneshots with added detail and several extra chapters. Everything is proof-read, spell checked and moderated to the extreme to ensure reader satisfaction. *ON HIATUS*

-Do You Love Me, Monsieur Marius? (Les Miserables [Musical]): Sometimes the relationship you want the most isn't so far away after all. (One-shot for MissFiyerabaMeponineSherlock for being the 100th Reviewer on my fic 'What if... Enjolnine: The Extended Edition!) *COMPLETE*

-Something So Wrong (Les Misrables [Musical]): Her appearance and frustration fueled his need for inspiration. His timidity and reluctance frustrated her. And, suddenly, Jehan's shyness wasn't so accidental. (Jehan/Éponine) *ON HIATUS*

-I Need You (Star Trek: 2009): The first time Jim Kirk met little Joanna McCoy, he was terrified. *Starts after the 2009 movie, goes through Into Darkness and beyond* (Focuses on Jim's relationships with little Joanna and Bones; was a series of one-shots, now a kind of almost-fic; no established plot line, just a collection of interlocking stories)

-What's the Point? (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.): Following the events of 'the Girl in the Flower Dress', Skye receives the fall-out of her actions from the team. Running away is never the answer, so when her past catches up with her, things get a hell of a lot worse... (Post 1x05) [Prequel to the 'Trust What You Know' universe] *COMPLETE*

-Peaceful Ignorance (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.): *One-shot* A year after the events of 'What's the Point', Skye still needs that little bit of comfort that only Ward can provide (WARNING: SLIGHTLY OBVIOUS SPOILERS FOR 1X06: F.Z.Z.T). (Takes place in the What's the Point universe; reading that first would be strongly advised) [Prequel to the 'Trust What You Know' universe]*COMPLETE*

-A Year, A Day, A Moment (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.): Neither Ward, nor Skye, ever dreamed that they'd one day get to this point. Now that it's here, they're already thinking about what happens next. (One-shot, Skyeward, yaaaayyy fluffiness, takes place in my) [Prequel to the 'Trust What You Know' universe] *COMPLETE*

-Trust What You Know (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.): Everything has been going perfectly for the team; TOO perfectly, some might say. Before any of them realise what's happening, they're spiraling into an unknown world, and it seems as if they can't even trust each other... (The origins of the 'Trust What You Know' universe, semi-sequel to 'What's the Point' (which is suggested but not required reading)) *ONGOING*

-Life is a Question (Avengers): When they eventually look back on it, Clint and Natasha's meeting and the partnership it would inevitably result in was just one bizarre and terrifying trip into the unknown. (Clintasha, eventually, something of an origins story) *ONGOING*

Coming Soon

-What if... The Amis (Les Miserables [Musical]): Sister-fic to 'What if... Enjolnine'; a multi-chapter fic containing a selection of one-shots that follow our beloved Amis after the success of the barricades.

-Trust What You Believe (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.): Part two of my 'Trust What You Know' universe; semi-sequel to 'What's the Point?', immediate sequel to 'Trust What You Know'. Summary coming soon.

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