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Hello Men & Women of All Ages, It Is I,

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THE (self-proclaimed) Legendary Awesome God of Creation: Epitaph.of.Creation is Here!!

... Huh, I have always wanted to introduce myself like this, like Ero-Sannin (Jiraya from Naruto, which whom I do not own) and have to say I think I can see the appeal of why he did this whenever he could its kind of nice.


I have no idea if someone has ever started a story with a rant; so here it goes. I love reading and writing fiction. Simple. Writing fan-fiction is a little easier than writing the next great "Young Adult" series/novel. I know, I have tried since I was 14 years old and counting for the past 10 years. I can take constructive criticism, good/bad reviews and anyone who sees errors in grammar/spelling- in which I will most likely want you to help beta for me. But anyone that flames me for MY stories... can Kiss My -*cough... ~deep breath*- sorry; all flames will be deleted. These stories I'm putting up are for me, this site is the only site I like enough to want to share them. Anyway this "rant" will be posted on my bio as well as any story I put on this site.

Things You Should Know: My O.C. and Writing Style
MY O.C. will be Godlike, Semi-Godlike, and sometimes Non-Godlike. But when he is Full/Semi-Godlike, he will be a Laid-Back 'God'. An example of this is like taking three characters (That I Do Not Own In Anyway), being the epitome of lazy: Shikamaru Nara from Naruto, Roronoa Zoro form One Piece & Coyote Starkk from Bleach. My character will be as lazy as one of the three, but when the occasion comes up or something he sees/hears interesting enough, he will be twice as active then them put together.

MY Writing Style (for now) varies, but for my fan-fiction will be much kind of like going back to grade school English- reading Shakespeare. With the exception of No Ye Old English. Another example is another writer called IgnusDei in his story "Mass Effect: Human Revolution", in the second prologue:
No Name: Hello, Who Are You?
???: My name Is Michael S.
NN: Hi, Michael. What do you need?
MS: Nothing- just showing an example!

This Is what I need Betas for- better dialogue, help with grammar, shorter descriptions and putting less detail and more story in well, my stories.

Side Note:
My character will pop-up or already be in, the world, time, dimension of the story; and happens spread out during, before or after when/where the story/arc takes place. That is all.

Below You Can Find All of My Character Sheets for My OC: Jason Eryx. If you are looking for a certain sheet; you can utilize the CTRLF [Find] Command to go to it.

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