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Hi! I'm Sarah :)

I'm not as active in reading/writing fanfic as I was a couple years ago, but I still hope to someday write out all the fantasies I've had about my favorite characters/worlds!

Fandoms I'd Like to Write For: Teen Titans, Avatar: The Last Airbender, The Mortal Instruments, Yuri!!! On Ice, The Hunger Games, Code Lyoko, Avatar: Legend of Korra, Heist Society, Maximum Ride

Fandoms I Read: All of the Above, The Infernal Devices (basically anything set in the Shadowhunter world), Sonic the Hedgehog, Boys Over Flowers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Divergent, ACOTAR, The Lunar Chronicles...

I'm super into YA and other chick lit/romance novels, so I'd appreciate any recs!

Favorite Characters: Raven (Teen Titans), Toph (A:TLA), Max (Maximum Ride), Lin (A:LOK), Finnick (THG), Cress (TLC)

Favorite Pairings: BBRae, RobxRae, RobxStar, Sonamy, YumixUlrich, FinnickxAnnie, PeetaxKatniss, Fax, Victuuri, Otayuri, Cresswell

I also really love Owl City!

Thanks for reading!

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