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Pen name: Vivienne Iforgot Myname

Age: 19

I live in Europe.

Forgive me my mistakes! English is not my first language.

My tumblr account: , feel free to message me there.

Any picture that I use does not belong to me.

About me:

I may seem overly friendly by my reviews or pm-s, but I really do not mean to offend anyone. Anyways, in real life I tend to be antisocial. Ironic. But, if anyone decides to get in contact with me, I swear I won't bite.

I enjoy reading just as much as I love sleeping. Believe me, it's hard to get this two together!

I have firm facts about the society. I do not see the appearance. I don't care about financial, social status, sexual orientation or anything. If someone turns to me with respect, I do not hesitate to return their kindness. I only see the human. I hate it when someone judges the other!

Cats or dogs? Definitely dogs! I don't think that I'll ever own a cat (and my allergy agrees with it). I even have a dog, called Lily.

I love to believe that scars shows how much we've been trough, and that we're strong enough to fight when we need to.

In-progress stories:


Bleach, AU, IchiRuki. Collection of oneshots, rated T.

Until You're Mine

Bleach, AU, IchiRuki. Multi chaptered, rated M.

Ichigo Kurosaki is a real mystery to everyone. He keeps distance from his family, barely engages in conversations and activities with his friends, and scares the hell out of his colleagues. Everyone wonders what's going on with his awfully lonely personal life, while he is the most recommended doctor in the hospital, and successful in every work he starts. He thinks he is on top of the hierarchy, till he gets Rukia Kuchiki in his life. As his boss. Mature, contains adult themes.

Stories that I plan to upload:

Tooth fairy

Bleach, AU, IchiRuki. Oneshot, rated M.

Ichigo finally (and sadly) falls into his own habit's trap. After his oh-so-dear sweets did their own fair shair of work, he has to visit the dentist. What he gets is a filled in cavity, and a hot-tempered, beautiful gir to call his love. Slight lime, and some swearing.

Take care everyone!

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