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This is the one and only illegiblescrawl.

You can call me Scrawl.

I am named so because although I love to write, my handwriting is horrendous. Few to none can decipher it, and even I have trouble reading it sometimes. Thank god for typing-- now none of you have to worry about whether my a's are really u's or if that's an r or v, and did I write funny or fungi?

I also love to draw and paint, and have recently made a deviantart account with absolutely nothing on it so far. I'm found of baking and cake decorating as well. And, because exercise is good for you and all that, I also like to swim and run, and I've been thinking of trying my hand at crew or kickboxing this coming year. If anyone would like to give me advice, just PM me!

I am also a proud Hufflepuff. Badger Pride!!

I started off on fanfiction pretty much only reading and reviewing Newsies fanfictions, but I've branched out quite a bit since. Although Newsies will always have a special place in my heart, I'm terribly fond of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Merlin, and Rise of the Guardians as well, to name a few. I really don't confine myself to any single fandom, and tend to delve into whatever has caught my interest as of late.

I think Fanfiction is a wonderful way to explore and practice writing, so I try to make a point of reviewing and letting people know when I read a piece that is really wonderful.

I currently don't have any stories up, although I do have ideas. I'm rather shy about posting quite yet, but should I ever take the plunge, I'd love to know what you all think!

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