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I'm a HUGE fan of Rumiko Takahashi's Ranma 1/2. At this moment I'm reading Ranma 1/2 Fanfictions, Mostly with Ranko Saotome involved. Or to be more precise: When Ranma chooses to be a girl rather than a boy

After reading lots of Ranma/Ranko stories I've been thinking of making one on my own. I have no idea how it will be or how long it will be but I think I'll start with the small stories just to see how well or bad I do.

I'm sorry if it takes a lot of time between my chapter releases but I write when I can. The reason why it might take a long time is because I'm a very busy person and have other interests other than writing.

Some projects I have in mind:

1. Ranko Saotome, The Girl From China (Only few ideas on the board at the moment)

2. The Girl Who Came Back (Put On Ice)

3. The Trip That Wasn't Still Cursed (Still writing the second chapter over to my pc. Sorry for the delay)

(Second Chapter is complete but I wrote it on my Samsung Galaxy S3 on the notebook so I don't write it over that quickly)

4. The Malfoy’s Daughter. (Still waiting, having a little fun with the plot. Have quite a few ideas on how to keep going. I may not release content in quick succession but I'must not even close to finished.)

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