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My name is Jo.

I'm 18... going to get my first tattoo soon. My birthday is January 29.

I love yaoi. I will watch yuri.

Favorite actors: Matt Bomer, Tim dekay, Ross mcCall, David tenant, Zachary Levi, Adam Baldwin, Benedict, Jared , Jensen ackles, misha Collin, Jim beaver, mark Shepard, mark p, Richard spright jr,Robert Downey jr. Tom hiddleston, Chris hemiworth, Chris evans.

Favorite tv shows: White Collar, Supernatural, Doctor who, Torchwood, Sherlock, Firefly, Heroes.

Favorite Cartoons: teen titans, young justice. ( I got hooked.)

Favorite movies: Avengers, Hellboy, Thor, THOR 2, Rio (it's a cute movie) Batman under the red hood, Batman year one, teen titans trouble in Tokyo,

Favorite anime: Naruto, fairy tail

Movies I Hate: Twilight sega, The dark knight rises (Don't get me going on them you won't hear the end of it) Taken, the lovely bones.

Tv shows i Hate: toddlers and tiaras, teen mom.

Favorite bands: P!nk, SOAD, METALLICA, Skrillex, Rammstein, Shinedown, Disturbed, Evanescence, Three days grace, RED.

YAOI PAIRING: Peter/Neal, Keller/Neal, Chuck/Bryce,This one would be interesting to see John Casey/Bryce Larkin, Daniel/Bryce, Vincent/Neal, (a lot of Matt bomer pairing) Dean/Neal, Gabriel/Sam, Balthazar/Sam, Michael/Sam, Castiel/ Sam, Dean/Castiel. Loki/Tony, Thor/tony, stony, science bros,

( lot of Jared)

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