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My name's Jordan, and I'm a high school graduate who loves to read and write. I've lived in the same town for almost ten years. I'm currently writing five multi-chapter fanfiction stories and my first drabble series. Me and my family all wear glasses, I have a younger brother, and people usually think that either we're twins or he's older than me when we were really born a year apart. I had braces and wisdom teeth surgery in the past.

When Fate Betrays Your Heart,

Destiny Leaves You No Choice,

True Love Always Conquers All





Deviantart: cool-and-creative

Archive Of Our Own: coolandcreativetwo

Wattpad: coolandcreativetwo

To help people out with reading my multi-chapter stories:

Somewhere Only We Know: Takes place during both HTTYD 1 & Tangled

The Princess & The Dragon Rider: Takes place pre-HTTYD 2, post-Tangled, pre-Tangled Ever After

Archer Meets Viking: Takes place pre-HTTYD 2, post-Brave

Why Don't You Love Me?: Takes place post-ROTG, post-Tangled, pre-Tangled Ever After

Guardians Of The Seasons: Takes place post-HTTYD 1, post-Tangled, post-Brave, & post-ROTG

Of Snow and Frost: pre-ROTG, during Frozen

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