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-- Searching for An End is temporarily out of commission until I decide what to do with it (the original idea has changed).

And now on with Ye' Old Profile:

So let's start out with the obvious: I'm a nerd and I'm pretty proud of it.

Everything I do I get really focused on which means I'm awful at branching out. If it weren't for my friend I'd be the worst nerd ever.

My main interests in fanfiction and writing are Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, and Harry Potter. Occasionally I might throw out a really ridiculous fic that is not at all "quality" writing and is meant to be parody. We'll see on that.

Also I would love to do requests, especially if they're challenging.

If you want to see something written or a story about something in the world of one of the three things listed above, shoot me a message. Why not?

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