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Welcome to my playground. In each of these stories I've created a little world and used the characters as puppets in my own grand production. If you like these and/or would like to see my original fiction and such the link is here:

Now, to direct your attention to three of the must-reads in the Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy slash fandom.

Irresistable Poison by Rhysenn (A classic in couldn't count the hours of sleep I've lost reading this story again and again.)


Per Solum Lacuna: By Words Alone by Wintermoon2 and Azhure (As of yet unfinished, but epic and enthralling.)

Eclipse by Mijan (As of yet unfinished, but amazingly written and utterly captivating)

As for other classics in this category, if you happen to come across one email me the link.

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