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I am the devilsbloods

My Oc

Axel: He is my first Oc I came up with, he is the son of Zim and Gaz. Axel have a different way he (hiss) , he uses a (Z) not a (S) so it's how is it goes for him (Hizz)

this is a part of a song I love (I Hate Everything About You, by Three Day Grace)

Every time we lie awake...After every hit we take. Every feel that I get but I haven't missed you yet,

only when I stop to think about it.

(The Creepypasta That I Like)

Slender man: I really like him at I made a oc that his son.

Zalgo: I really don't know anything about this guy but any that I know he his demon.

Jane the killer: I really love her story and her Character.

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