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I am 22. Male. Childish. Can be mature. Loves the idea of adventure and grandnessness. If that's a word. And if these are sentences...

I'll edit this later.

Fandoms I'm into: One piece, Naruto, Soul eater, RWBY, Jojo, Persona, DxD

Works in progress that might never see the light of day. Some are barely more than interesting ideas I have a few lines of :

Fandom : Soul Eater


SUMMARY: Maka is really her dad's daughter. No one is happy about this.

She'd told him the story once. How her dad had seemed so lost, like he honestly did not know why he did what he did. Which was why her lost expression didn't faze him. He'd laughed in spite of his growing dread, because he knew what she did even though she didn't. Between the touches and smiles, she'd confused him with her words and contradictory behaviour.

It was on a night out, when a group of men had ignored the bustier cat lady in favour of Maka that Soul realised how bad it had gotten. She was better now.

Genre: Romance/Angst

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