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Joined May '03

Mafia Name: Sewer Dweller ("dirtiest mind for an innocent I've ever met" - Shanastay)

Location: Sewer-dweller (Shana will get this one =D)

Site: *gives you an amused look for thinking of the possibility*

Hobbits: reading, writing (I wish), gaming, listening to music, etc. (cause your not really interested in this list anyway or probably this whole bio)

Fics types: LOTR, Freakiness (Legolas, Mary Sues and Legolas/MS) =D

Funniest radio ad: 'Zach's Nuts in a Bowl' (Yes I know I have a dirty mind. =D)

Insanity?: "Are you questioning my insanity?" "I'm not suffering from insanity... I'm enjoying every minute of it." "I'm not a nut, I'm a legume." (Though I must say the misspelled version is funnier: "I'm not a nut, I'm a lagoon".)

OC: Thera (meet her in Elves are Ticklish cause that will probably happen first, when ever that happens)

In progress (cause I promised): Elves are Ticklish: The title says it all my dears.

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