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Some of my works may or may not contain some topics that can be viewed or taken as triggers. Please take care and stop reading if you stumble upon a trigger, if not read at your own risk.

So like five years later and I have once more returned with a decent interest in continuing writing fan-fictions. I am so sorry for leaving so much unfinished and even sort of rubbish work behind. I will do my best in either rewriting or finishing the various stories that deserve it.

My interest however is a fickle thing and I have found myself drifting in-between various fandoms; this will result in stories outside the world of Inuyasha.

I firmly refuse to watch or write anything for the new Yashahime, or Boruto.

That being said, I hope everyone is taking care of themselves.

I am currently rewriting/fixing the stories on my profile as they deserve at least a small refresher. I like to think my style of writing and the english language have improved the past couple of years.

The next couple of stories will most likely be Naruto related, as my interest in that anime have returned full force after rewatching it the past couple of weeks.



Ouran High School Host Club

Period Dramas


The Rings of Power

Current interesting pairings:

Kagome x Kyoya

Kagome x Itachi

Kagome x Sasuke

Kagome x Neji

Elizabeth Bennet x Mr. Darcy (always)

Stories that have or will be rewritten:

Obsession - Complete

Strings of Fate - Complete

Playing with Fire - Complete

Planting seeds, Blooming love - In progress

No Restrictions - In Progress

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