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Child of the 1980s, wife, mother, Christian, long-time writer of fan fiction and original fiction. I enjoy fantasy, historical fiction, musicals and metaphysical poetry (many types of poetry, really, but this is what is influencing my writing lately).

Previously a prolific writer of "Newsies" fan fiction, most of which vanished from the internet with geocities. (I went by Spitfire back in the nineties/early 2000s, if anyone from those days happens across this profile.) I might post some of those old stories at some point if I decide any are fit for reading. That's an admittedly big 'if.' I've been a member of fanfiction.net for a few years primarily so I could favorite and review stories I enjoy, but I've finally been hit with the writing bug again in a fandom. I've loved the Chronicles of Narnia since long before the Walden Media movies came out, and while I enjoy those quite a bit, I also have my issues with them. I also have my issues with the BBC versions much as they enriched my childhood. I'm an equal opportunity nitpicker. I won't rant, but the stories I write will be bookverse with some elements of both sets of movies (I really do like the characters Oreius and Philip, for example). I also try to keep within guidelines that I believe C.S. Lewis would approve of for his characters. I don't currently have a beta. I would like to change that, but I'm new to this side of .

I don't think I have a favorite CoN character, but I do like writing and reading about the Pevensies in general and Edmund, in particular. Make of that what you will.

For "Newsies," I write movie-verse. I've never seen the Broadway musical much as I would love to. My favorite characters have been Crutchy Morris, Jack Kelly and Spot Conlon. I also have a soft spot for Racetrack Higgins and Pie Eater. I tend to prefer to write about the backstories of the lesser known newsies because there is so much possibility there, but Spot manages to turn up frequently as the ubiquitous mysterious side character.

Note: Constructive criticism appreciated. Reviews with profanity will be unceremoniously deleted.

In Progress Stories:
Saints of Gold: Collection of one shots and miscellany primarily surrounding the Golden Age of Narnia.
Reasonable Expectation: Six months following the Battle of Beruna, the new kings and queens continue to hunt down the remnants of the White Witch's followers and restore to Narnia what was lost or buried during her rule. The Pevensies must sharpen both their weapons and their wits, and Edmund must learn and come to terms with what happened at the Stone Table.
Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dream: It's all over, except for the part that is just beginning. Mordecai makes his apologies. (Neither Rosalie nor Flavian are available as characters to select which is a crying shame.)

Coming Stories:
The Battle of Delver's Hollow: Why is a bear always among the marshals of the lists? Takes place before the Long Winter.
The Lay of the Lapsed Bear: The Four have disappeared; the Golden Age of Narnia has come to an end, but the friendship between Narnia and Archenland has not been forgotten. Prince Corin Thunderfist comes to the aid of a friend.
Hindsight: 'Hindsight is twenty/twenty'--and getting caught up in the past can be a dangerous thing. Directly follows "Where Angels Fear to Tread."
Nearest to Being Alive: What could induce a young man to leave a steady factory job for the uncertainty of carrying the banner? A lonely room and a chance encounter.

Timeline for my Narnia Stories:
My Soul Can Reach: Digory: 1910 - 1925
My Soul Can Reach: Polly: 1910 - 1939
The Battle of Delver's Hollow: NT 785
When We Remembered Zion: NT 996
Damascus Road: pre-/during LWW
Something About the Eyes: during LWW
Made He Thee King: Part One: LWW
Saints of Gold: Fraternity: LWW
Saints of Gold: Reconciliation: Golden Age; NT 1000
His Throne Is Upholden: Golden Age; NT 1000
Reasonable Expectation: Golden Age; NT 1000 - 1001
Saints of Gold: Nothing is So Strong: Golden Age; NT 1000
Saints of Gold: Revenge: Golden Age; NT 1013
Saints of Gold: Never: Golden Age; NT 1014
The Lay of the Lapsed Bear: NT 1022
My Soul Can Reach: Peter: 1938 - 1948
My Soul Can Reach: Edmund: NT 1000 - 1015; 1940 - 1949
My Soul Can Reach: Lucy: 1930s - 1949
My Soul Can Reach: Eustace: 1942 - 1949
My Soul Can Reach: Jill: 1942 - 1949
Made He Thee King: Princes Decree Justice: post SC; pre-LB
My Soul Can Reach: Susan: 1945 - 1950

Timeline for my Chrestomanci Stories:
Paper Lanterns: Approximately five years prior to The Lives of Christopher Chant
By Omission/Omitted: Four years prior to The Lives of Christopher Chant
Homecoming: Missing Moment, The Lives of Christopher Chant
Trouble: Missing Moment, The Lives of Christopher Chant
Every Beating Heart: Missing Moment, The Lives of Christopher Chant
Eyes I Dare Not Meet in Dream: Post-The Lives of Christopher Chant

Timeline for my "Newsies" Stories:
Nobody Answered: Summer 1896
Double or Nothing: April to December 1897
Where Angels Fear To Tread: Summer 1898
I Never Claimed To Be a Hero: July 31st 1899 (missing moment)

As We Forgive Those is a standalone story in a different continuity from the others.

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