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Hey! Here's a little about me...feel free to ask questions or just talk in general about anything! :D


Born: 1997

Star Sign: Scorpio

Spirit Animal: Bear (Known for being loyal and protective of people they care for. Can be the best type of friend to have, but if you get on their bad side watch out. - Literally what the quiz results said! XD)

Best Quality: Loyalty (I'd do anything for my friends and die for them if I had to)

Personality: I try to make people laugh as much as I can as I like seeing people happy, I'm honest as long as it doesn't hurt anyone, I always listen to people's problems and help them find the best solution...I'm pretty much an open book! :D

Hobbies: TV, movies, video games, reading, drawing, walking, hanging out with friends, talking with people :)

Favourite Colour: Purple

Favourite Food: Mac & Cheese/Pizza

Favourite Artist: Demi Lovato/Hollywood Undead

Tumblr: GirlzRule01

Snapchat: GirlzRule01

Xbox GT: GirlzRule01 (Not on often as my internet never likes working :/)

I do enjoy writing stories but it takes me weeks for a single chapter as I get distracted a lot so none of them get finished! And I hate reading stories that don't have endings! So I'd only post them once they're finished...if that ever happens :P

Which is why I prefer reading the ones other people have done compared to my own :)

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