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Okay, I'm lousy at bios so bear with me,okay? I'll just be straightforward about what kind of fics I like and a bit about myself.

I love dancing and rock/pop music, so I hang out with my friends at discos, parties and dances with my friends/date when i'm not on my laptop. I'll be 16 in December, and I'm the youngest in my classes, maybe even the whole grade. My darling cat's name is Frizt (hehe, got that from the famous kurt's-holowatch-going-on-the-'fritz'.) This site rocks in my opinion and it's practically my second home.

My favourite pairings are:
-- Harry P.: Hermione/Harry, Hermione/Ron, Hermione/Draco or any triangle where Hermione's on top. Yes, you've guessed it, I'm a big Hermione romance fan.
-- X-Men Evolution: Kurtty, Lancitty, Kietro, Rovan, Jott, Rougue/Scott, Logan/Ororo, Kitty/Bobby and -believe or not- Todditty (Kitty/Todd, I made up this term). Yep, I'm also an avid Kitty romance fan and, like the Hermione thing, I think triangles where Kitty is on top are cute.

My most hated pairings are:
-- Harry P.: Draco/Ginny, Ginny/Harry (I have nothing against Ginny, it's just that these 2 pairings just don't click with me.), Hermione/any yucky, ugly guy, Hermione/Percy, Hermione/Snape
-- X-Men Evolution: Scott/Tyran (I dunno her name, correct me if I'm wrong!), Kitty/any yucky, ugly guy, Kurnda, Kurt/Tabitha

Any pairing not mentioned is somewhere in middle, I'm not crazy about it, but I'm not against it. I don't know why, but I hate fics where girls fight over guys, I much prefer it the other way round (and those girls being Kitty/Hermione ;D) I don't really go for slash too, though it does'nt bother me that much. If you think that being a great fan of Kitty and Hermione is a crime, the I'm horribly guilty. And I only read Harry P. and X-Men Evo fics. Yes, I'm very picky, if that's what you're thinking. I get really annoyed when fics which look quite promising are'nt finish, I usually tell the authors that, so they'll at least try to end it.

I'll read any fic which concerns a romance I like and does'nt concern a romance I don't like. I review all the fics I read when I'm finished with them. I think I'm a very fair reviewer, I'm not too strict though I'm honest with my opinions. I'd write a couple of fics myself, but I'm not great at writing stories. I'm pretty much happy just reading others'.

Wow, how come all my sentences start with 'I'?

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