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Apologies, I've been busy, finally obtained a computer. I have recovered all of Present but it's been so long I don't know where it was going anymore... I'll figure it out but yes, I am still working on it.

Also, I've been obsessed with Dying Light (still there, now include OW and Stardew valley). But I'll get back to writing at some point. I'm going to finish Present and Bored now here and post the Arya is Tywin's kid sort of thing here as well because you guys liked A Dangerous Game here. I'll also finish up my one-shot trilogy for Power Ranger RPM and Lisel. But that will be the end of my posting here (I believe). Everything new will be posted on AO3 under the same name.

I have a Podfic over at AO3 too so if you ever wondered what I sound like you can head over there as well.

All new stories are on AO3 and I will eventually migrate them all over, but anything here will eventually be finished.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D Theory: Skye is a Kree. End story. And I was right... kind of.

Back to writing!

I'm an obsessive writer. So once I start writing on one subject, it becomes a trend and often won't stop for a while. However, I am fully committed to finishing any stories that are incomplete no matter how long they may take. It is also my goal to somehow get onto TV tropes because I think it'd be funny.

To all you writers (I know you exist because I read your stuff too), if there is a story or idea that you wish to write that you find here. Just tell me when you write and post it, because most of these I have up here are stories I wish existed but didn't. And there is no doubt that you are probably better at writing than I am. So feel free to use anything you see or posted here as a base.

All of my stories are a bit darkish. Even if good things are going on, everything is not alright. The exception might be I Met You in a Dream and Present Trilogy (Part 3), and now I'm apparently writing nice one-shots in Victorious... stupid Ariana Grande and Elizabeth Gilliers for characters that are fun to write friendship centered fics about. Not that I don't like them, they're interesting but agh.

For those of you that don't know: RENT IS AWESOME!

I am also willing to co-write/beta stories if you want, I haven't done that yet but I'm willing to try.

Current stories (this means that if I do write them they will be on AO3):

Unknown Title as of yet (GoT) - Arya is Tywin's kid, kind of. Rough sketch of an idea.

It Was All For Naught (Power Rangesrs RPM) - The final of the one-shot Trilogy that follows Who Knew That/In The End. Fun fact the stories (when read in order) makes the sentence, Who Knew That In the End It Was All For Naught. Will get around to eventually. 0% done.

Bored Now (Victorious): IT WON'T STOP! I guess we can call this a warm up for the Rizzoli and Isles idea? It will need to be re-edited a bit because some of the chapters don't flow quite as nicely as they should. Darkest thing I've ever written.

Untitled (Rizzoli and Isles): This came out of left field, just trying to get it down before I forget it. Probably 1 of 2 in a series. 2rd Priority... I forgot it.

I Met You in a Dream (Aquitania) - this is under the assumption that Brademante is not an old maid, but is Margette's age, because that's how we did it before we realized how old she actually is (in process, stuck, it jumps too much so... I'm working on it). Brademante/Margette, femslash. Tied for 2nd Priority, mostly because it's something different and slightly less angsty. Outline 10% done. I have lost it.

Present (Glee)- Santana is forced to do community service for something she didn't do, while she's there she meets Brittany who changes everything. (WIP, I'm trying to keep at least 3 chapters ahead so I can re-read my work but still post once a week). I am expecting this to be at least 20 chapters long (not including any interludes so... about 25 altogether?). NEVER MIND, I apparently SCREWED MYSELF... -_-. Good news though this specific part of the story is a little more than halfway done. Part 1 of 3. Writers Block. Overall 75-80% done of book 1. Current Chapter 25% done.

Spoilers can be found under Fictionpress link (songs only). I'm trying my old style - which means that I'm doing connect the dots, I'm writing what goes on in my pea brain mind, then filling in the stuff inbetween (some things are great some... need work... yeah let's just say that). All of this is handwritten then transferred onto the computer (which means it gets some editing). Ok... so it's MOSTLY about San and Brit, but please deal with the fact they have lives OUTSIDE of each other. Looks like it may be a 3 part series -_-. My OCs figure heavily into this, as well as have their own complicated backstories. Sue is awesome in this fic because she just is. Jean is present. Try to keep in mind I'm trying to keep cannon pairings (well season 2) and to the cannon as much as possible with characters that come and go. (Example: Matt leaves the highschool and thus is no longer in Glee club). 1st Priority.

Pairings in Present are (currently, may change): Finn/Rachel, Puck/Quinn(?), Brittana (duh), Kurt/Blaine, Artie/OC?, Mike/Tina.

IMPORTANT: I need music to listen to, preferably stuff related to or may go with this story. HELP!

Status breakdown for Present:

Current Chapter Stats: Gone.

Holly Holiday intro will happen soon.

Chapter 3? 4 paragraphs, TG problems, Kat shows up again, Laura(?) too.

3 Chapters #?: 2 songs, 500 words and 200 words, another 800 words on another.

2 funerals, 1 wedding (waaaaay faaaar away)

TG background? (75% figured out)

Laura background? (done but not integrated)

Sunshine intro.

Brittany joins Cherrios? and/or Glee club.

He's a SHARK!!

Chapter ? - 1500 words, slight outline...


Planned Stories/Ideas (just because there's an outline does not mean they're being written):

Crime Bible - Aftermath (DC Comic Universe, tentative title need to change as they already have something called that...) will focus on what if/how Renee Montoya was forced to take control of the religion, The Order of Stone. Blood, Gore, etc... it's on hold. Femslash. Mostly Question/Batwoman. I have to read up on Batwoman though, so this could take a while (I lost my notes... they're somewhere... around... here... yeah...). I had an OUTLINE! (well up to half way point...). Outline 25% done.

Unknown title (BetrayerS fanfiction - Nanoha) - hints of NanoFate but mostly just about why (probably never happening).

Untitled (Once Upon a Time) - After the curse breaks, everyone is transported back to the other world, Cora captures Emma and takes her heart. May be Femslash, unknown as of yet.

Untitled 2 (Once Upon a Time) - After the curse, everyone is transported to the other world. Unfortunately, Emma had no counterpart (Henry was protected by a spell cast by Regina) and because of this loses her memory. So in a world with magic, her past there imprints on the first person she sees, Regina. Highly likely to be Swan/Queen. If you want to write this pm me the link, b/c I want to read it too.

Untitled 3 (Wreck it Ralph) - Van and Taf friendship fic. Pre/Post movie. King Candy probably used the same excuse to keep Van from racing before he told it to Ralph. But who did he use it on. Outline 50% done. Story 5% done.

Untitled 4 (Magical *something* Madoka) - Kyo(u)ko and Mami friendship/family/wtf fic. Mami is now a witch and Kyoko her magical girl protector either out of guilt or love or something else.

Jenna Didn't Expect (Pretty Little Liars) - Jenna/Emily, don't ask why. 3 or 4 chapters. Tentative Chapter Titles: Her, To Fall, In Love. Outline 25% done.

Untitled 5 (Pitch Perfect) - JUST BECAUSE I WANT TO WRITE ONE.

Untitled 6 (Victorious) - AU, Tori never attended Hollywood Arts because there was never a problem with Trina. Instead, she become involved (probably by Trina) though stage managing. How does this change the incurring story?

Untitled 7 (Pretty Little Liars) - No pairing planned, based on a crazy theory I thought of on March 19th 2014. Spencer's father didn't only have one child with the DiLaurentis family but two. Jason AND Spencer. Both were with Mrs. DiLaurentis's twin sister, the one that must be kept a secret for mental(?) reasons, she may become obsessed with him. Jason was given to Alison's mom to raise. Meanwhile later, he cheats again (possibly drunk or something, maybe raped by the insane sister) which results in Spencer, but at this point in time his wife is ALSO pregnant and her baby was also due more or less at the same time. However, there are complications in both births, resulting in Spencer being alive while his wife's child is still born. They trick them (the two women) by switching the children. Hastings get Spencer and Allison's mother's sister is carted away to an asylum or something. Later she returns as A to haunt Allison and to threaten her sister because she believes that Jason was stolen from her. After Allison is gone (or believed to be), she goes after her friends. Perhaps earlier in the pre-series she gets Spencer hooked on Speed for the first time? Note: The Hastings Family (besides Spencer's father) is unaware of the fact Spencer is NOT Mrs. Hastings's birth daughter, and Spencer's birth mother has no idea and is exacting her revenge on the Hastings family (because of Jason) through their youngest. It's also why Mr. Hastings was so convinced that Spencer killed that girl because if her mother has a history of mental instability, it's possible Spencer might have inherited it.

Completed Stories:

Aquitania Lore (Formerly - The Creation of Aquitania) - SUCKS, but I keep it on here because if I don't... let's just say it would conveniently disappear.

The Balrog Of Moria - NOT MINE, it's Stevie's. Who gave me a hard copy (it was in bueatiful cursive writing, oh if only I could have posted the original).

Liesl (Sound of Music): Just all about Liesl and her family, there are some spelling errors/grammar that bug me though. Re-edit/certain chapter expansion needed. Re-edits are now being posted.

The Master of Shadows (Young Justice, working title was Shadows Never Let Go) - Artemis centered, summary pending - one shot - Complete. On the list to be rewritten and re-vamped. Needs it badly.

In the End/Who Knew That: (Power Rangers RPM) - Summer and Tenaya centered. From a stint of watching all of RPM in 2 days. One shots. Complete. On re-edited/expansion list.

"Just A" Universe Installments: (Victorious) - Cat and Jade centered, just came out of nowhere.

A Dangerous Game: (GoT) - Finished! NO MORE. There are a couple of sentences and grammar mistakes but meh. I look at this and think I WROTE THIS WHAT THE!?!?

Fictionpress (very rarely used):

Present Spoilers (possibility of use 80-100%)

Raise Your Glass - Pink

Lucas - Erica Irish

How Can I Not Love You? - Anna and the King

RENT (more or less all of it)

Possible Songs for Present or Music Videos:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Will You Ever Win? - Fleetwood Mac

Heaven's Light - Hunchback of Notre Dame (made video)

Colder Weather - Zac Brown

If Today Was Your Last Day - Nickelback

More Beautiful You - Jonney Diaz

You Love Me Anyway - Sidewalk Prophets

Smile - Avril Lavigne

Smile - Uncle Kracker

Fuckin' Perfect - Pink

Hanging by a Moment - Lifehouse

Before I let you go - Freestyle

Come Back to Me - David Cook (Brittany's POV video idea)

Don't You Want to Stay - Jason Aldean/Kelly Clarkson

Don't Wanna Miss a Thing

Falling In - Lifehouse

Soul Sister - Train

Not Over You (Glee video - made)

The Gift - ?

Yes Virgina - ?

Angels in the Snow - ?

Christmas Star - ?

Snow - ?

Christmas Blues - ?

Well... Anime fan check, manga fan check, video gamer... yup. Well lets add comics and get all around geek/nerd/whatever the hell we're called (losers, is that still correct?). Well except for Magic, never learned how to play. Strike that... I know how to play now and I'm terrible.

I have discovered Glee and am slightly ashamed that I watch it because I usually hate auto-tuning, but I like musicals too much, which overcame that problem.

I can read femslash/yuri and het, but am unable to read yaoi/maleslash due to a Digimon story (which I want to find so I can congratulate the person who wrote it), it was my first fanfiction, so it's kinda a miracle I still read fanfiction at all now (It was NC-17 and I had no idea what it meant... and all those warnings, I didn't know what they meant either! I was in 5th grade... how was I supposed to know what BDSM stood for? Or... PWP! Or or or... *breaks down in a corner*). I'm working on getting over it... but baby steps.

I support LGBTQ (includes pansexual, asexual, etc. but not animal abuse or rape, for those that think that's what it means...).

I support hetrosexual relationships.

I do NOT support real life pairings of actors/actresses (except IN real life and that is if they choose to tell us) because I feel like it is insulting to their life that they choose to live and an infringement on their privacy. However, characters that they play on screen are free game because it's acting not real life (even if the basis is in real life). Musicals are free game as well, because RL is NOT a musical, as much as I think that would be awesome.

It should be noted that I have no beta reader, or editor and have terrible terrible grammar, if you have suggestions, helpful corrections, or questions about things that don't make sense let me know. All of these are helpful.

Note: Most of the Authors in my Favorites List are either inactive, or left altogether for other sites so if you look at them. Sorry.

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