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Update: 7/20/15

You're here probably because of one of these 4 reasons-

1) You're naturally curious in me, so you come for more info.

2) You're here by mistake because you clicked on the wrong webpage

3) You're looking for one of my stories

4) You're interested in my absence or if I will update "Your Alpha"

I honestly thought I would be strong enough to update this story, but I can't. This is my update to all you wonderful Dragon lovers. I want to formally apologize for leaving you all with a hanging story, but How To Train Your Dragon becomes my past. You all were so wonderful with me in my experience here and I have improved so much. My writing has taken another level now in another fandom I'm in. This meant a lot to me, as I've dedicated so much of my time making these stories. It was nice sharing all of my ideas and thoughts with you all thank you to those that have supported me and those that have helped.

I was blind in passion and with a strong obsession to write all of my heart out in imaginative ideas! I loved it because you all were there with me. I became who I was because of this fandom. I can't continue making stories for this fandom any longer though. My documents were deleted my FF along with any plans I had. I'm sorry to let down anyone who just wanted an ending for my story "Your Alpha." My HTTYD days are over but all of you hold a dear place in my heart. I can't express my bitter happiness I feel.

I am still here, so if you wish to send me a PM or ask about my story, you all go right ahead I will respond ASAP. However, this is Proud2beMexican saying goodbye to all these wonderful people. Goodbye and thank you all for the journey, it has truly been an experience. —Proud2beMexican

Currently: In the Transformers fandom.

Gender: Female

Birth: January 25

From: México

Languages: English, Spanish, Spanglish

Favorite Movies: The Transformers movie, How To Train Your Dragon 2, How To Train Your Dragon, Ice Age, The Croods, Puss in Boots, Shrek, Ted, Madagascar, Tangled, Kung fu Panda, Rise of the Guardians, Pineapple Express, A day without a Mexican, For Greater Glory, The Bourne Legacy, The Grey, Fast and the Furious, Mirror Mirror, Brave, Transformers, Lion King, The Avengers, Warm Bodies, Jurassic Park 3, Now you see me, Monsters Inc., Nemo, Alpha and Omega, Happy Feet, Remember the Titans, Osmosis Jones, Hunger Games, Underworld, El Zorro, Frozen

Favorite Shows: Transformers G1, Transformers Animated, Transformers Prime, Transformers: Robots in Disguise, Dragons Defenders of Berk, Dragons Riders of Berk Penguins of Madagascar, Lilo and Stitch, Ridiculousness, Adventure Time, Looney Tunes Show, Kid vs. Kat, 1990s shows, Total Drama series, TMNT, The Avatar, The Legend of Korra

Favorite Characters: Soundwave, Knock Out, Megatron, Starscream, Skywarp, Blitzwing, Breakdown, Devastator, Windblade, Swindle, Fracture, Megatronus, Slipstream, Blackarachnia, Predaking, Toothless, Hiccup, Astrid, Cloudjumper, Valka, Stoick, Buck, Diego, Shira, Crash, Eddie, Puss in Boots, Kitty Softpaws, Donkey, Ted, Alex, Marty, Pascal, Tigress, Tia-Lung, Po, Bunnymund, Skipper, Rico, Lilo, Stitch, Rob Dyrdeck, Marceline, Marshall Lee, Speedy Gonzales, Mr. Kat, Dr. K, Courtney, Duncan, Vito, AnnaMaria, R, Spinosaurus, Raptors

Favorite Animals: I love reptiles. (Especially Pre-Historic ones Ex: Raptors, Spinosauruas, Baryonyx, T-Rex). Yes, I do believe in dragons and I LOVE them. I'm obsessed to even liking mechanical reptiles.. *cough cough* Predaking... If you do not... well then I don't know what to tell you. I like fierce predators like crocodiles, sabers, alligators etc. I've owned an iguana, a lizard, and a chameleon.

Occupations: Fanfictioning, writing, drawing, climbing trees, participating in Manhunt etc.

Me: I'm weird and crazy, but life's to short to be normal. To me, 'normal' is considered an insult. I'm known for doing insane stunts (that I'm not sure are legal) but I'll say they are. I love fanfiction! I've even gotten my family (cousin) stuck in it (you know who you are, you weirdo :)

I HATE steriotypes about Mexicans and I hate any types of racist jokes. I speak fluent english and no, I do not walk with a sombrero. I dress like a normal teenager.

I'm a "What up, bro," person, yet I try to be mature in my writing. I have an open mind, because that's where all the great wonders are. A good concept I explore in a lot of my stories is searching for a destiny. I'm not sure about mine, but if I search for something more, I'm bound to find it.

Overall, I'm a mature writer that respects opinions. I'm not sure I'm a fan on flames, though. My personality can have a hint of a wild immaturity, because I like to be a fun person. Why be limited? That's right, I play Manhunt with the guys and I'm proud of it!

Proud2beDifferent Proud2loveSoundwave Proud2beATransformersFan Proud2beAToothless/OCShipper Proud2loveHowToTrainYourDragon Proud2bePartOfFanficion Proud2beAStoryWriter

Fanfiction life

Hello Fanfiction!

With everything I observe, my mind expands greatly! I recieve such great ideas and writing them makes me feel extremely happy! I like many shows and movies and I will only like more. All the media I see is probably another reason why I write! It's all so interesting.

I start too many stories at a time. I like recieving reviews in English or Español. Other than that I am a 'Lets do it' kinda girl when it comes to taking risks. I'm also crazy, stupid, kind, and I love to joke around with my readers. I love making OC's for some of my favorite characters. I probably make too many. I think everybody's ideas are creative. Spelling and grammer are not thing I worry much about anymore.

I have improved since my first story :3. I probably have to much pride in who I am. I get offended easily, but I'm working on it! I will never judge another reader or writer. If you respect me, I will respect you and the things you like.

I don't really approve of flames. Correcting wrongs is good, putting a writer down with harsh words, is not. I am a supportive reader and writer for everybody. Thank you for anybody who has given me reviews, admired my stories, admired me, or at least has read any of my stories. I have been told that I have been a great inspiration to others and I cannot express how gratefull I am to be told that. Thank you. - Proud2beMexican

How to Train Your Dragon

I LOVE the movie How To Train Your Dragon! My favorite movie. Have you not heard of it? Well then, WATCH IT! I guarantee you'll LOVE it. Most of my stories are HTTYD. Hiccup is brave and hilarious with his sarcasm. Have you noticed how he likes to jump off of high things? Adorable in the first movie and hot in the second one. Hiccup is very brave and commanding. He'll be one of the greatest chiefs that lived. He is amazing for doing what he did. Live on Hiccup!

Yes I ship Hicstrid (Hiccup/Astrid) I don't care what people say about her, Astrid's awesome!

Toothless is my favorite character. He is soo cute and badass! He has more personality then most of the people I know. He's independent and listens to nobody. He's also sarcastic and he's so devious. Have you noticed the way he likes to tease and scare people? He is the strongest one there is, by the way he was able to defeat the Bewilderbeast and kick him out. Toothless the Alpha is badass.

So far I've made 11 Toothless/OC stories with 7 different OCs. Yeah, there's so few of those types of stories so I can't help but make them.

Toothless/OCs In Order








En Español

La Fifa se acabo. Pero todos sabemos algo. ¡No era penal!

Hola Fanfiction! Tengo muchas ideas en mi cabeza y no puedo mantenerlos, así que los escribo a todos como historias. Me gustan muchas programas y películas y sólo me van a gustar más. Empiezo muchas historias a la vez. Me gusta recibir críticas en Inglés o español. Aparte, soy un 'ya que' clase de chica a la hora de tomar riesgos. Y también soy loca, mensa, amable, y me encanta bromear con mis lectores. Me encanta hacer mis propias personajes para algunos de mis personajes favoritos. Quizás hago demasiadas. Creo que las ideas de todos son creativos. Soy terrible en la ortografía y la gramática a veces. Pero yo a mejorado desde mi primer historia :3

Probablemente tengo mucho orgullo en quien soy y en mi raza. Nunca juzgo a otro lector o escritor. Si tú me respetas, te respetará y las cosas que te gustan. Tengo un temperamento y una boca grande por, so si recibo Flames me pongo como fiera. Nunca me gustó siguir las reglas (excepto de Fanfiction). Soy una lectora y escritora y apoyo todo el mundo. Gracias a quien me ha dado opiniones, admirado mis historias, admiro a mí, o al menos ha leído una de mis historias- OrgullosaDeSerMexicana (Proud2beMexican)

Como Entrenar A Tu Dragón (En Español)

Me encanta la película Cómo Entrenar A Tu Dragón! Es mi película favorita. (Tengo otros favoritos). Hipo es valiente y bien chistoso con su sarcasmo. ¿Has notado qué a él le gusta saltar de las cosas grandes? El era adorable en la primera película y muy guapo en el segundo. Hipo es valiente y de verdad, un buen Chief. ¡Que viva Hipo! Si, a mí me gusta Hiccup/Astrid. No me importa lo qué digan de ella. Astrid es impresionante.

Chimuelo es mi personaje favorito. Él es taaan lindo y rudo! Él tiene más personalidad que la mayoria de la gente que yo conosco. El es independiente y escucha a nadie. También es sarcástico y él es tan tortuosa. ¿Has notado la forma en que le gusta molestar y asustar a la gente? Chimuelo es el más fuerte en la manera que pudo salir del Bewilderbeast y hacer se Alpha. ¿No vierón cómo lo corrieo de Berk? ¡Que vive Chimueo el Alpha!

Hasta ahora he hecho 11 historias con Chimuelo/ OC con 7 diferentes OCs. Sí, es qué hay muy pocos de esos tipos de historias. ¿Y si yo no escribo eso, quién más lo va hacer?

Mis Toothless/OCs








Favorite Quotes-

"¡No era penal!"- México

"Who are you to judge the life I live? I am not perfect and I don't have to be! Before you start pointing your fingers, make sure your hands are clean"- Bob Marley

"The greatness of a man is not how much wealth he acquires, but his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively"- Bob Marley

"Life's a game people! If it is, are we all on the same team? I mean, you be on my team, I'll be on your team. How about we all give the world a reason to dance"- Kid President

"The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem"- Captain Jack Sparrow

"One can only reflect on the bias of oneself."- Proud2beMexican

"It's not what you gather but what you scatter that tells you what kind of life you've lived"- Helen Walton

"What if you realize that the person you would've taken the bullet for, is behind the gun"- Anonymous

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