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Hey y'all.

About me: just a guy who does not like it when a good show is canceled or a movie ends up going in the wrong way. I also enjoy original characters and plots set in different parts of the world of great stories.

If you have seen my stuff before, you will notice I have removed a few stories. I have been having serious writers block and am trying to focus on less material. Also, I tend to do rewrites and will replace old chapters as I go.

"The Blue Lagoon: The Awakening" story I have written, Life, I have completely lost the plot. I have also lost the story for my He-Man and SGU fiction.

A note on He-Man: the reason I chose the 2002 version of the cartoon, is not because I thought it was better. Though the animation was improved, the 80's version had better stories and more to use. The main reason I am using the 2002 version is because, this take on the cartoon makes it so there are obvious physical differences after Prince Adam transforms. You can see this in the second season's He-Man transformations.

Finally, please forgive for long periods without updates.

If you have any ideas for my fictions, please feel free to post a review.

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