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I've been reading fanfiction.net since I can remembered. Reading is one way of mine to at least escape the reality of life.

I'm old enough to read lemon stories and it's one way of relieving yourself with stress. Lol

I like Rias Gremory of HighschoolDxd

I've been a fan of too many pairing character ff:

Maihime: NatsukixShizuru

Sailor Moon: HarukaxMichiru

Kannazuki No Miko: ChikanexHimeko

Strawberry Panic: AoiNagisaxShizuma

Glee: QuinnxRachel/ SantanaxBrittany

Currently I've been doing some back reading to all the stories that I followed and favorites It's quite refreshing. Some story made you feel nostalgic that sometimes you asked yourself "wow this is the story that I've been hooked when I was young" . Lol

I've been reading fanfiction since 2012~~

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