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My name is James, and I am mexican, so please, pardon any language mistakes on my part

I am a male, and I won't say my age, just that i am young.

I like reading, playing video games, watching animes, the color green, and a good laugh every once in a while.

I don't mind critics, if anything I welcome them, but flames are NOT welcome and they shall be ignored.

Will be adding to my profile as I go, hopefully I will have somethings for you readers to laugh at, or at least pass the time

Any doubts, please PM me

Since I started writing, ideas have been popping up in my mind which are too good to let go. The ideas come to me watching anime, movies, reading and simply thinking. I don't want to make them just yet, maybe sometime later on, but not yet. I leave it up to you to decide if you want to make the ideas into stories, that way I don't have to loose sleep.

Orphans are kidnapped Orochimaru shortly after the Kyuubi attack. This leads to them being injected DNA from different animals, most of the orphan die, but Naruto and some others stay alive through it and mutate, developing animal traits. During Orochimaru's escape* the group flees and steals scrolls that the Snake had on the lab. After making it out of where they were, the group wanders the nations, training on whatever the scrolls they had stolen had. Eventually they find a wandering ninja* that takes them in and expands their knowledge. After years under the wanderer, they set off to settle in a ninja village, for a place that they can both live and fight for.


There must be at least ONE with hunter animal DNA and one with healing abilities.

The main focus MUST be adventure and/or action.

Naruto must somehow learn about the Kyuubi.*


Romance as long as it isn't the main focus of the story.

Picking up other orphans.

Meeting a cannon ninja.

*The escape is after they are 7.

*Can be anyone, from Jiraya to Nagato to an OC.

*The timing doesn't matter, nor does it whatever happens in the mind-scape

2.- Harry Potter suffered a lot during his first eight years, and as a result becomes cold, snappish and sarcastic. After the 'apparition incident' he decides to run away, using what he learned from his visits to the library and from school* he travels the world and learns what he can. He travels to the New Continent, where he receives two letters from wizardry schools. Turning down the one from England, Harry learns magic from american* mages, makes friends and grows to be less cold to those around him. An incident during his fifteenth birthday leaves him and his friends in the middle of a strange house, with a wizard taken from a fairy-tale and a table-full of gingers staring at him.*


Harry MUST start cold, but warm up later.

While dark, he MUST care for friends.

His magic studies up to 5th year are in America*.


Harry can study dark magic.

His friends can be from anywhere.

America can be changed to Asia or Africa or Australia.

*It can be anything from maths to science.

*I mean from the continent, NOT the USA.

*How the incident happens and from then on it's up to you.

*Again, continent, not USA.

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