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Hi I am terrible writer when it comes to the use and order words. But still trying to improve. My mother tongue is Spanish and my second english. What Usually like to write about is always breaking the sistem of the world not binding myself giving me creative liberty over what I'am writing.

"The more innocent and cute is something, the more pleasure I have bastardizing it."

Inspiration Material:

: When I see lack of development in the pornographic material I try to make a plot to avoid the monotone classic put inside and put out, to keep myself entirely occupied.

2.MUSIC: Any kind that has a tale or a very sticky melody https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8MZmPoPvJYE.

3.Playing: Any game with good OST or entertaining mechanics is worth to be inspirational material. Dark Souls with the lore in its items.

and Write: Reading anything can provide more words to apply to the story, writing you can make a game out of words.

5.CYOA/RP Guide: A guide like this https:///a/Z9aRz

Loved Thing In A Story:

1.Apathic Male that make my blood freeze and my skin crawl like that of a chicken just for their actions.

2.Interspecies relation (this involve any kind of inhuman) Example: SHub Nigurath x GUts.

3.Well made romance fiction(without rushing) opening us the insides of the involved couple developing their relation.

4.Harems if the development for one is acceptable which is, if the male/female worked to gain the hearts they would ripe, not by misinterpreting debt and respect with duty to force themselves onto the person.

focused on the setting.

6.Transition from Human to monster(metaphoric/psychological)

7: The Independant Female that isnt a princess to be rescued. Strong willed.

8. Surprises: when the author doesnt write on the summary a pairing or what is to be expected on the long run of the story until one gets there. Example: Butterfly Effect https://www.fanfiction.net/s/2707071/1/Butterfly-Effect this story is a YAOI story but it never from first 50 chapters sugest or gives a clue of it until its too late since you are already hooked up and want to see the damn end.

Favorite Monster Girl Encyclopedia:

Hellhound http:///wiki/Hellhound

Amazoness http:///wiki/Amazoness

Minotaur http:///wiki/Minotaur

Apophis http:///wiki/Apophis

Pharaoh http:///wiki/Pharaoh

Gandharva http:///wiki/Gandharva

Favorite Music:

Monster Girl Quest: Illya Final Form theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlYVEaeu1ZM

Monster Girl Quest Paradox: Adramelek Boss theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OUqIqu2gi_E

Garo-Honoo no Kokuin: Leon Garo Shoukan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oI9r-_Logn0

Panda- Almighty ft Farruko https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sg5ahHv0AgM

Super Smash Bros Brawl: Nobuo Uematsu- Final Destination https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLJuT8zPmvA

El Amor- Ricardo Arjona https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8fHOZdbIO8

Kingdom Hearts: Rage Awakened https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RSn23ReXfyQ

Queen- Who wants to live forever https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Jtpf8N5IDE

Videos with the power to inspire:








Favorites Mangas:


2.Eden: Its an endless world


4.Kokou no Hito The Climber

5.Vinland Saga

6.Onani Master Kurosawa

Favorite Setting:

Apolyptic: where the characters will learn how to live in the leftovers of what once was his world. Will he give up his ideal for the sake of surviving another day or he'll stik to them to the very end.

2.Utopic equals Distopic: A world where the law dictated is so absolute that by just breaking a simple one is a complete crime that deserve many years of life in prison.

3.Fantasy: A world who it must be explored without binding to one place to apreciating more the charcter development with each drift on the journey.

Emotive Stories:

1.Diamond Dust

2.Watashi no Shiwase na Jikan

3.Hotel since 2079

4.Fate Zero

5.Avatar Legend of Aang

Favorite Anime:

1.Ergo Proxy

2.Fate Zero

3.Full metal alchemist

4.Darker Than Black

5.Speed Grapher

Favorite Movies:

Pirates of The Caribean

From Hell

The Road

The Curious Case of Benjamin Buttons

La Vita e Bella(The Life Is Beautiful)

Donnie Darko



Hannibal Saga(The Silent of The Lambs ,Hannibal ,The Red Dragon ,Hannibal Origins)

I am Legend

Brave Heart

Carlito's Way

Ace Ventura Saga



The GodFather Saga

Favorites Game:

Final Fantasy 7

Final Fantasy 4

Kingdom Hearts

Steambot Chronicles

Fallout 3

Batman Arkham (Asylium ,City ,Origins)

Favorite Series:




CSI:Las Vegas

Breaking Bad

Malcolm in the Middle

Favorite Characters:

Guts from Berserk

Sephiroth from Final Fantasy 7

Riku from Kingdom Hearts

Kamishiro Yuu from Holyland

Galatea from Claymore

Dio Brando from Jojo Bizarre Adventure

Makishima Shougo from Psycho Pass

Mikoto Suo from K

Kogami Shinja from Psycho Pass

Sakuragi Rokurota from Rainbow Nisha Rokubou no Shinchinin

Hanamichi Sakuragi from Slam Dunk

Hei BK-201 from Darker Than Black

Okazaki Tomoya from Clannad

Light Yagami(Kira) from Death Note

Kotomine Kirei from Fate Series

Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate Series

Vito Corleone from Godfather

Robbie Rotten from Lazytown


Bersek x Claymore

Guts in the Claymore universe after he kill all the members of the godshand and god itself and become a Apostol
When he enter the Claymore Universe he will become known amongs the Yoma and Abyssal One because he appear in his human form then he turn into his Apostol form in a City of infested with Yomas he kill them all and kill some Awakened Being that worked for the Abyssal One the ones that survived Then they Give him the name of The Black King of The East or The Mad Dog of The East
His Apostol Form is The form he takes when he is possesd by the armor

Then he would start traveling and Killing also his blood atracts the Yomas.

JOJO X Familiar of Zero

What if louise Summoned the Coffin where its seald Dio Brando.

Fate Stay Night/Nasuverse x Final Fantasy 7

Conceptual Summary:
Rin Wins the Holy Grail War alongside Archer, but when her wish to reach Akasha is granted she is sent to Gaia. Appearing in MT Nibel where she meets stubborn Blond kid with impossible hairstyle who is asking her to teach him magic.

Rin Tohsaka in a world filled with Materia crystalized Lifestream or memory and lifeblood of the planet applying Nasuverse Mechanics equals an Interesting development.

"The knowledge and wisdom of the Ancients is held in the materia. Anyone with this knowledge can freely use the powers of the Land and the Planet. That knowledge interacts between ourselves and the planet calling up magic... or so they say."

The Mechanics would not be so different from Nasuverse its safe to presume that Alaya and Gaia are the same entity since the world named Gaia is Akasha to Rin, because the Heroes and Monsters are stored within the Materia which comes from the lifestream which is the lifeblood of the planet which also carries the memories.

It possible to presume that Archer ends up in a summon Materia. It is possible that it can be applied the Class Card system of Fate Kaleid on this case instead of cards is Materia to be more precise Summon Materia.

Given that Akasha is basically the knowledge of all and the lifestream it carries knowledge all.

Rin is a magus who specializes in jewel thaumaturgy which practiced her entire life. Now putting her in world which produces absurd amounts of jewels (Rin pov) with mana stored within them for many hundreds or thousands of years, it will be mind-blowing for her. And superhuman who can store more of that mana within them would make her want abduct one.

When she picks a student which want to be turned into one of those superhuman, she will make everything in her power for him to succeed.

Magic Circuits turned into Materia Slot Status: It could be internalize if rin does what all magus does when it doesnt have the answer. Experiment on oneself and other as well.

How would be FFVII status be translated in Typemoon Parameter and Personal Skill?

Well I though About Archer being turned into a Summon Materia since he is an Heroic Spirit and in Gaia the counter force agents(Beast of Gaia/Alaya) are turned into Summon Materia in serving the the planet or Akasha-In Rin Case.

Also using Fate Kaleido Liner's Class Card Install but with the Summon Materia thrusting the materia into Magic Circuits might transform the person into the summon as well as di transform if removed.

Vincent would have been the prototype to this only that his case instead of using a Materia was pure Lifestream making him unable to change, and the proto materia serves as the Circuit that balance the Lifestream-Mako- of those summons.

This Gives me the Idea what if rin used this Summon Materia which Archer resides to save Cloud(Kid) thinking it was one of her Jeweles(Archer materia might have been the same Catalyser she use to summon him) Transforming Cloud pseudo Archer-CG Emiya same Origin and Element and reality marble and magic circuits except this one is very very empty-no shortcuts for power it must be developed so no memories of archer as well. Take into acount cloud possibly being Ancient- Cetra descent which might apply why he survived the transfusion of archer to him.

The changes will not appear inmediatly within cloud but he will feel the change when he start using structural analisis on anything it starts with headaches as information come through his mind. Personality might start to assimilate Archer which comes with Sarcastic remarks and a very good afinity with house work which puts a woman to shame. All of this he will be noticing little by little more when rin appears and he smells something funny-Mana Sensors of archer are in his nose.

Rin might move to the mansion or Clouds home and hipnotize some of the villagers and clouds mother in nibelheim to believe she is Cloud's Cousin(because of her eyes are similar) and from there start teaching cloud while adapting herself and magecraft to this world setting.
This study of her magecraft and teaching cloud to develop, his development his nose turn sharper and this leads him to the basement of Shinra mansion.


Cloud Strife: Being a child he meets a strange woman who saves Tifa and his lives, and later see said woman moving into his house turned out to be his 'Cousin'.

Race: Human/Cetra Descent

Number of Circuits:

Intenal Materia Link Slot:

Element: Sword

Origin: Sword

Possible Future Vocation:Magus/SOLDIER/Mercenary/Terrorist

Rin Tohsaka: A mysterious woman which moved to the House of Strife first teacher who teach him Magecraft.

Vincent Valentine: An unaging man who resides in Shinra Manor, second teacher of Cloud Strife who though him combat

The Turks: They must be present in story, because without them it wouldnt be a good meal to read.

Refrence: The Base of Inspiration.

Butterfly Effect by Kiraya: A story with a development which ending traumatized, still quite good with world development and Shinra Bureaucracy mechanic.
Traumatizing yet surprisingly well made.

Valentine's Day by Umei no Mai: An awesome story which starts with an impossible event Vincent being born a girl, not a lot of world development as Butterfly Effect but is quite good material. With financial coups.

The Turks' Way by LunaStorm: This one though short and funny show the creation of an Information network.

Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality by Less Wrong: Harry trying to discover how the magical world works through science.

Terrorism & Anarchy by VarianN: A reminder that one didnt obtain the Master Materia in the game.

Border of Taboo by xLilly White: How the Business in a Brothels works in Midgard.

Ripples in Time by Shivavixen: Politics and time travel.

Professor Strife by Basilton: Is the title and the first chapter. If it leaved untouched the theme of time travel and used the theme divergence it would have been an awesome development.

By a Fraction Degree by findthetiger: A divergence with its own world development plus economy.

Cissnei's Path by CRed1988: A divergence with world development, organized team work. Master Scan Materia being cause masive headeaches like mass structure analisis.

The Fifth Act by Sinnatious:

The Hill of Sword by Gabriel Blessing:

Fate: Shattered Moon by Trick N. Zwei: Jewels Magecraft being compared with Dust. Replace the dust with Materia and we have Materia Magecraft.

Ghost in the Machine By Zenthisoror:

From Fake Dreams by Third Fang

Representation of Humanity by Writer with bad grammar

Ripples in Time by ShivaVixen

Dragon Ball Z x Naruto

Concept: AU
Lets say that Kaguya Otsutsuki was a refugee of another planet who crashlanded and took safehaven in the planet which is developed Naruto. She interbreeded with the local resulting in the current humans who can produce Chakra a trait which her species posses.

And one cant say she wasnt the only one to inbreed or crashlanded as other species of humanoid from foreign world passed through the very same thing. Remnant of their existance are the clans with inherited abilities due to their Bloodlines or some inherentence from their genes(Illogical hair, hair color, eyes shape and color metabolism etc etc).

Now A Millenian after that another Alien takes refuge on this planet. This one is a Saiyan who will change the world the same way Kaguya.
The Psychic Saiyan Bardock becomes the pratriach and Founder of the Saiyan Clan.

Think that every race of Humanoid that settle named their clans acording to their species name due to possibly not having last name or family name.

Bardock-Centric shift to those who interact with him. And influence the world becoming spine in Madara's side or another piece.

Set during the Second Shinobi or Third Shinobi War.

Concept: Saiyan Physology/Psychology.

Do to their super metabolism they eat for 30, also that they cant get drunked since Human alchol isnt strong enough to make them be unconscious, or drugged unless its stronger than his metabolism. But if it survives it he/she will become stroger later.

With super metabolism it would be presumed they age faster, but no they dont they stop growing similar to their 20's and keep looking like that until their 80's to keep fighting. Ofcourse if they havnt died in battle.

Their tail unables boost their power level further, train it and they have something equivalent to a third leg or arm.(Gogeta SSJ4 fights using his tail in DB Budokai Tenkaichi.) And absorb more the Blutz waves from the moon thus turning them into Ozarus/Great Apes.

No matter how pascifist they maybe, they will always wish to push their limits. A pure-blood will never give up a chance to have good fight, that is only to a half-breed is optional. And always arrogats(Goku and Vegeta in Cell's game allowing cell to ascend to Perfect, Gohan Trunks and Goten in GT with their lifes.)

A pure-blood saiyan is simple minded and stubborn to lose focus of what he/she wants and wont stray from its path by no one as they see it as an obstacle to overcome(Vegeta obssesion to beat goku and Goku obsession of Training to be stronger leaving his family-Ironically Vegeta is better father than him MEME XD.). A Half-breed on the other hand struggles however given the drive and focus.

More elaborated insight of the Saiyan Culture in Dragonball Legends. By Veema.

Bardock's Psychic Power:

As it is seen Bardock Goku's Father episode of DBZ. He was struck on the back of his neck and thus received powers to see the future. Though the Kanassa that gave him with the purpose that he would use it shortly to see his planet destroy and Bardock with it.

Bardock have premonition which allows him to see a certain future as long he have something to do either directly or indirectly with it. But as he's brain grows acostumed to the abilities he start to develop other abilities, such as mind reading.


Authors choosing.

The Inuzuka Clan: Bardock is Alfa Male Material!

Logicall opinion: a Saiyan always will be atracted to either strongest of character being will or physical. And always will mirror saiyan's personality traits in some way.

Personal opinion: A Saiyan who will look like his 20s when he gets to his 80 and Granny who looks like 30s when she have 50, lovely couple of longetive Monsters.

Well I would sugest Create a situation in which Tsunade is the one who first finds him near the stairway to heaven-hell(Death) and the oe who is first introduced in this world.(Similar situation when Bardock is saved by the natives in Planet Plant or Vegeta pre saiyan/Tuffle) And since this might take place during the second Shinobi war and Bardock start to stand out in it possibly be putting Tsunade in a situation which she is pressured by other clan members of Konoha(Political Shit). She agrees only because she have somthing to gain which is study Bardock physology the KI which it generates and a anomalie(Where the exact spot which Kanassan Hit him and give him his psychich powers to see the future and possibly read minds as he grows with it).


Title: A song to love and die laughing

Concept:Eddard Stark has somehow been ill fated to suffer the consequences of taking too seriously to his knightly bows. Which why Ned finds himself defending a maiden fallen right from the sky(Lala) from her guard who wants her to return home. Now due to some shenaningas he finds himself engaged yet to another women. What load trouble came defend her virtue from other pretenders, fencing off space assassins and other apocalyptic threat which his good-father the Space Daddy Emperor sends his way. All while he's defending The North during Robert Rebellion where half of the kingdom wants him dead. Sean Bean multiversal curse is certainly running a 99.9% capacity or else why would he still be breathing. Eddard x Harem

Oregairu x Beatless

Title:The Future is Wong as Expected.

Concept: Hikkigaya Hachiman was making some late night shopping when he suddenly exiting the store he find himself in the ruins of his city. He finds a police station and discovers that he has been missing for nearly a century. And you know whats worse beside knowing your little sister has married to some shit face. Is that what passes as good literature in this time look a lot like something the garbage Zaimokusa would write. Hachiman social critique.

Berserk x GAMER

TITLE: Harder, Faster and Stronger

Concept: a young Guts after falling from the cliff wakes up with the powers of the gamer. And tutorial mode facing the wolves.

Current Project:

Title: Irony: Fate or Casualty?

Series: Berserk x Monster Girl Series.

Concept: Most of it based on http:///i2g8cpu6n/Berserk_v1_006_007.jpg and Daily Live With Monster Girl and Monster Girl Quest.


MC:Guts the Black Swordsman.

Chapters: The Chapters I have Already written or ar planning to write.

Prologue Careless Whisper: Complete

Chapter 1 The Foreign Languages of an Indecent Proposal PART1: Complete

Chapter 2 The Foreign Languages of an Indecent Proposal PART2:Complete

Chapter 3 The Foreign Languages of an Indecent Proposal PART3: In Progress

Chapter 4 Interlude 1: In Plannification

Chapter 5 To Be Crooked or To Be Hanged PART1:In Plannification

Chapter 6 To Be Crooked or To Be Hanged PART2:In Plannification

Chapter 7 Alternate Ending:In Plannification

Chapter 8 Interlude 2:In Plannification

Chapter 9 Forced Cohabitation, Occupation and Struggle:In Planification

Future Projects:

Title: Scrapped What A Wonderful World.


Gender: Sci-fi


Title: TheAbysswalker and The Vanquished Queen.

Series: Dark Souls x Queen's Blade


Title: The Sleeping Kingdom of Lost Souls.

Series: Disney's Sleeping Beauty x Berserk

Concept: Based on /art/Twisted-Aurora-401553888 combining it with a Souls/Borne dark atmosphere while making our dear black swords course through clueless in this accursed land who never woke up from its slumber.

Title: Those Who Make Beast of Thyselves

Series: Madan no ou to Vanadis/Lord Marksman and Vanadis

MC: Roland

Concept: What if Roland survived the Bee Prison because he delayed just a day just for helping a merchant.

Title: Legna The Black Dragon

Series: Drakengard/Drag-on-Dragoon

Concept: What if instead of Zero meeting the idiot of a dragon Michael she instead meet the infamous and manipulative Black Dragon Legna.

Author: Follow Favorite

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