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csg-III PM
Joined May '12

Gender: Male

Nationality: Brazilian

Hobbies: Mostly superhero stuff, DC/Marvel (Comics, Movies, Cartoons, TV series), Sherlock Holmes (series, movies, books), other TV Series like Colony, Prison Break, 24, Lost, The 100.

My stories on Archive of Our Own:

I won't be publishing new stories here anymore. I'm moving to Archive Of Our Own

archiveofourown (DOT) org/users/csg_III

Minhas fics em português

Eu sou brasileiro, e todas as fic que eu publico aqui eu também publico em português no site:

www (PONTO) spiritfanfiction (PONTO) com/perfil/csgt/historias

TV Tropes page for Watch Boy & Lucky Girl

I'd like to thank CMR Rosa and Zim'sMostLoyalServant for setting up a page on TV Tropes for my fic. The link is: tvtropes (DOT) org/pmwiki/pmwiki (DOT) php/Fanfic/WatchBoyAndLuckyGirl

Fan-art for Watch Boy & Lucky Girl

I'd like to thank Trish Bhatia for his amazing fan-art based on my Watch Boy fanfic series. You can check it here:

trishbhatia DOT deviantart DOT com/gallery/

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