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Er, hey everyone! I've been lurking around, reviewing fan fics. The fabulous fan fics inspired me to write fan fics. I get that it won't be amazing, like the ones I read, but it's also a stress reliever. If you're Asian, you must understand. Okay, I'm a youngster so my fan fics are gonna be all kiddie like...so no mature-like fan fics...yes, I still lurk around fan fic and my favorite fan fics are Yumeiro Patissiere, Mamotte! Lollipop, Maplestory, Gakuen Alice and Percy Jackson and the Olympiads!

When I write fan fics, I usually write for YP!

I usually try my best to read every fan fics, but the fan fics must be in ENGLISH!

Useless information about me:

Age: a teenager

Gender: Opposite of a guy

Nationality: ...Americanized Asian

Languages I speak (Is this really necessary?): English, Spanish (I'm learning it), Korean (I have an accent) and very, very slight Japanese (I can't write it)

Languages I want to speak: Italian (sounds awesome)! :)

Birthday: Jan. 1st (not joking)(4 days before Ichigo's birthday)!

Where I live: Earth (or to be specific America)(to be even more specific CA, sadly I don't surf or anything)(Sun Diego...not always sunny)(and yes for those of you guys who live in Minnesota or any snowy areas...there is some areas that are snowy...)

Hobbies: ...being lazy...reading or watching mangas and anime! (serious stuff...reading actual books, playing the piano and writing horror stories)

Favorite Food: well duh, my pen name says it...and I guess pizza from Papa John's!

Least Favorite Food: Anything healthy!

Fave Color: Gold and red. (my two favorite colors together (not mixed) is pink and brown because it has something to do with Kashigo!)(Ichigo=red/pink)(Kashino=brown) :)

What I Want to Be When I Grow Up: ?

FAV Games (such DS, Wii, comp, etc.): Anything with Mario, Maplestory (so addicting...)

Stories I Want to Write (Newer ideas on the bottom!)

Are you Mikan or Ichigo?-Gakuen Alice/Yumeiro Patissiere

Brief Summary: Ichigo and Mikan coincidentally are at the same place. They don't even know each other. Everything may seem simple until they switch bodies. Now Ichigo is in Mikan's body, while Mikan is in Ichigo's body. What will become of those two?

The Bracelet-Gakuen Alice

Brief Summary: Mikan is dense, clumsy, loud & always smiles and is the daughter of the rich & famous fashion designer & model. But she prefers a simple, optimistic life after her dad passed away unexpectedly. To prevent any commotion, Mikan disguises herself as a studious, quiet poor girl whenever she attends Alice Academy. This has always been her life until she loses her memorable golden heart bracelet that her dad gave her before he died. Now she tries to look for her bracelet as a loud rich girl, while she endures being bullied by this perverted boy as a quiet girl.

An Incident on the Island-Yumeiro Patissiere/Gakuen Alice

Brief Summary: 10 people are lured to an island. Each person has a story. What will happen on the island?

Betrayal-Gakuen Alice

Brief Summary: His betraying right hand held the knife. His face, hands and clothes were stained with blood, her blood. He is guilty. He is crazy. He is Natsume Hyuuga. He murdered her. He stole a life. Why did he kill her?

Forbidden 5-Yumeiro Patissiere

Brief Summary-When Ichigo Amano was 5 years old, she was about to be kidnapped. But she was saved by 10 year old Makato Kashino. Afterwards, they become friends. When Ichigo is 10, she starts to feel something extra for Makato. Perhaps, it's a feeling of blossoming love?

The Memory-Yumeiro Patissiere

Brief Summary: Movie theater. Those two words haunt poor 18 year old Ichigo. She's in a mental hospital, trying to forget the memory, but a psychiatrist is forcing Ichigo to face her fear? Is the memory worth remembering for?

The Game-Yumeiro Patissiere or Gakuen Alice

Brief Summary-He loves the game. The game called Ending Lives. It's so addicting. All he has to do is attract them and then stab them with his favorite knife, Bloody Mary. He's been playing the game for years, but what happens when he replaces his addiction for the game towards her?

Gangsta Feud-Yumeiro Patissiere (I know already did this for Gakuen Alice, but I want to do this for YP!)

Brief Summary-Ichigo Amano is the number 1 gangster and she's in this gang called Prominence, which is the number 1 gang of all the other gangs. She enjoyed her spotlight as the number 1 gang, until Makato Kashino, who is in a gang called Sins, takes Ichigo's place as number 1. Now Ichigo plans to take her spot back at all costs, but what happens when rivarly turns into love?

Day by Day-YP

Brief Summary: 'Some day I will be better. Some day I will overcome my leukemia.' Ichigo has leukemia and it worsen when she was only 9 years old. Now for 5 years, she's been in the Kashino General Hospital, trying to overcome leukemia. In the hospital, Ichigo makes a new friend and learns the true meaning of life.

Where is Ichigo?-YP

Brief Summary: 'I can't find her. She's gone forever.' Kashino Makato has been looking for his girlfriend, Ichigo, for days...for months. He can't find her. The last time he saw her was their last date. Where could she possibly be? Where is Ichigo?

Dark Chocolate-YP

Brief Summary: Kashino is blind. He's been blind for 10 years in a car accident. This accident left him stuck in the dark forever, yet he doesn't lose hope because Ichigo guides him to hope, light. With a new route out of darkness, Kashino tries to accomplish his dream as a chocolatier.

Choosing is Hard

Brief Summary:'My main priority is being the top student and a chocolatier. At least, that’s what my top priority was until Amanoarrived and then Amano again.' Kashino thought he will always have a secret crush on clumsy Amano Ichigo, but he starts to question himself when a new student, Natsume, transfers to St. Marie. His symptoms of crush appear whenever Natsume is near him. But to make matters worse, Natsume and Ichigo happen to be twins! Poor Kashino has a crush on Ichigo, while he feels attraction for Natsume. Who will he choose?

OC Character Information...nothing to do with real life

Full Name: Claire Momiji Suzuki Bernard (first name, middle name, mom's surname, and dad's surname) (However, she likes going by Momiji Suzuki)(if anyone calls her Claire, or Ms. Bernard she gets upset)

Name Meanings:


Momiji-Japanese maple tree

Suzuki-bell tree


Nicknames: Momi

Age: 7, forever...hard to explain, and she is not a vampire

Birthday: Jan 1. 1998

Death: April 18, 2005

Personality: She is smart, polite, clumsy, impatient, easily jealous, robust, and competitive

Appearance: shoulder-length blonde hair, blue eyes, pale skin, petite...wears a white dress and flats

Blood Type: AB

Languages she speaks: Japanese, French, Italian and slight Spanish

Character Background: She is half French (her dad is French, and her mom is Japanese). She is born in Japan and prefers Japan tradition over French traditions, which greatly upsets her dad. She is from a rich family of fashion designers, though Momi prefers baking...she always is fond of baking and sweets because when she was 5 years old, she went to a French sweets convention in a mall and tried her first buche de noel, translates to yule log. After a taste, she vowed to become a patissiere, but an incident on April 18, 2005 occured and she had to give up her dream...

Current (meaning 2012): Momi had disappeared 7 years ago...and she is dead...now she wanders in the human world, hoping to accomplish her three wishes. If she does accomplish them, she may go to heaven and her dream to become a patissiere awaits. She thought accomplishements were impossible until she met Amano Ichigo...

This OC biography is referring to my story...Not Different...that's all...I'm going to add on to this later!

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