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One of Naruto's Most OP Attacks

Naruto, Age 17, Speed Stats (Purposely Low-Balled for the Sake of Argument)
Naruto, Age: 16 - 17 MANGA Evidence He Could Easily Destroy Planets Without Trying
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to's Battle Genius Pt. 1
Naruto Character Tranformation Possibilities
Adult Naruto Can EASILY Destroy Planets using nothing but his Physical Strength
Naruto: Destroys Armies and Continents with No Effort at All, While HOLDING BACK
How Strong is Naruto's Age: 17 Chakra?
Kurama's Might - The Strongest Tailed Beast

Tips for Writing- Why I Can Churn Out Chapters So Quickly

Naruto the Charming Princess Charmer Links
The Secret of Naruto the Charming Princess Charmer - Is he completely human?
Tsubomi Song 1

How to Tell if You're Arguing with an Idiot Pt.1

Note: I don't actually read fanfiction anymore, since I have little interest in most people's stories other than my own and those from authors who I work with. I enjoy writing fanfiction, but that is about it as far as this site goes. So if you want me to read your stories, don't bother asking, I more than likely won't read it and don't care to.

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