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I love reading and dabble in writing. I have a really hard time writing anything longer than a oneshot, but am trying to work on that and will hopefully post a full story on here at some point.

My ships:

Twilight: Edward x Bella; Jasper x Bella; Bella x Paul; Bella x Aro

POTC: Jack Sparrow x OC; James Norrington x OC

Hunger Games: Cato x Katniss

Pride and Prejudice: Darcy x Elizabeth

Harry Potter: Lily x James; Draco x Hermione; Hermione x Tom Riddle

Inuyasha: Sesshoumaru x Kagura

Prince of Persia: Zolm x OC; Garsiv x OC

Terra Nova: Lucas x Skye

Sailor Moon: Endymion x Serenity; Jadeite x Rei

Revolution: Charlie x Bass

Dragon Ball Z: Vegeta x Bulma

The Wheel of Time: Lan x Nynaeve

Troy: Briseis x Achilles

Star Wars: Rey x Kylo Ren

ATLA: Zuko x Katara

Dark Night Rises: Bane x OC

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