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Hi Folks. I'm a regular Swedish fellow who highly endear to read Fantasy/Fiction in various forms. Good cheer good people and have fun ;)

My main interest here on FF is HArry Potter, Chuck, Wheel of Time, and to some extent How To Train Your Dragon, Elder Scrolls-Skyrim and Tolkiens universe.

I am currently working on two HP fictions, one is a timetravel fic where he is drawn back by magic, from 2019 as a 39 year old, keeping his body and ends up in the graveyard just when C.D. is killed. He will act as Harrys unknown Uncle/cousin/Relative connected through the Peverell line. I do not write consequent and adds various scenes here and there. That's why i propably have to write the whole story first and editing before i can publish anything... And i'm somewhat lazy so i don't write every day, only when the muse is on...

The other is a HP fic where HP is opposing getting pulled into the triwiz tournment and decides to leave and supposes to lose his magic, and he feels fine with that because he is sorely disappointed at the magical world that he rather go back to the mundane. I have even less written on this so ...

And two of my top ten reading is from author mjimeyg. "GETH" and "PACK" Both are Harry Potter x-overs, Others of M's stories are also fabulous.

OLD CV, not actual anymore... kindof...

I'm currently working on a piece in "How to train your dragon" universe which would be my first possible entry. We'll see how THAT goes... Hehee.

Oh, it's not posted yet, so far it's only a jumble of ideas and various scenes dribbled and I have yet to put them in proper working order and weave them together in a comprehensible story. I have so far only watched httyd and first season of RoB. i'm looking for some proper site to watch DoB in original language. The Rob in dubbed Swedish aint no good at all. The story would propably begin a couple of months before httyd and presumably end... I don't know yet. at the end of httyd or perhaps it will go on beyond the movie and into the series.

I also like the tv series "Life on Mars" It's groovy idea there, is it real or isn't it?!.. hehe

Aaand... My absolutely favourite story right now is "Tongue Tied" by oh-you-pretty-things.It's a veritable masterpiece in romantics. I've re-read it several times now and still I find something new, a little nuance here or there that further hightens the experience. Just six eight chapters but Blood and bloody ashes what chapters they are ;) I could rant on all day long just hitting superlatives for it. She writes it with a skill of capturing the reader with every sentence so that even a brick would sigh in bliss... And the best part is, Tongue tied is just a Prologue for more to come... I anticipately awaits that one to surface :P

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