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Hey from LadyAvatar! I've been accepted to medical school and will be matriculating in Fall 2013. Meanwhile, I'll be working on a little Zutara that’s been in the planning stage for over a year. Note that I'm an unusual type of Zutarian, the kind who appreciates and respects the fact that Kataang actually happened because I /love/ Tenzin. And I plan to write stories that touch multiple shippings - I'm just starting with my original love. For example, once I have finished with this Zutara epic, I'll be working on a story of similar scope for LoK (Tahnorra all the way, my dears!).

Side-note: I discovered a new favorite fandom in mid-September 2012. I have always loved Miyazaki movies (my favorites being Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke), but it was recently my immense pleasure to discover a film version of one of my favorite novels (Howl's Moving Castle). If you would like to obsess with me about a certain amazing wizard, please PM me. XD

And one final thing: I have always found it exceptionally curious, and exceptionally unfortunate, that during the show Ozai met every member of Team Avatar at some point in time except Katara. What a shame.

My favorite Tahnorra kiss gif of all time: http:///tumblr_m62q46OcNM1rw01ryo1_500.gif

UPDATES ON FIRE AND ICE STATUS (June 29, 2013) - On May 15, 2013, both Fire and Ice and In the Hands of Fate were officially placed on hiatus until the release of Legend of Korra: Book Two. This hiatus more/less remains in effect, but I may be able to release an additional chapter of Fire and Ice prior to beginning medical school in mid-July.

Totally awesome: Fire and Ice tied with Another Brother by AvocadoLove for second place in the "Favorite Adventure Fanfiction" category of Carrot-Bunny's "Avatar: The Last Airbender Awards" (first place was awarded to the amazing Embers by Vathara). Thank you all for voting, and check out the announcement here: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8304660/97/Avatar-The-Last-Airbender-Awards

GIFT ART FOR FIRE AND ICE - Thank you, beyond my ability to express gratitude in writing, for your gifts! If you have any art or writing related to Fire and Ice, please PM me and I will add your work to the list below.

By harpalyce: Sketch of Katara's first beach house vision (from "From What I've Tasted of Desire: 3/4"): http:///tumblr_me3zs0gCLb1qks0cpo1_1280.jpg

By beanaroony: Sketch of Katara's confession (from "From What I've Tasted of Desire: 10"): http:///adba7364363a2331d6df045173444092/tumblr_mfstqqzNfr1s1mvsto1_1280.jpg

By beanaroony: Gorgeous colored Ozai illustration: http:///f5b0efe182e44f4111d3d5d7f7fe732a/tumblr_mfx871kPX41rbse3eo1_1280.jpg

By beanaroony: A sneak preview for the final third of the saga: http:///78831277b1b2a4cdec197a886c29cfab/tumblr_mgl8lvd3DM1s1mvsto1_500.jpg

GENERAL GIFT ART - This section highlights artists who were kind enough to draw gift work and/or dedicate their art. Thank you beyond words! If you have any art that belongs in this category, please PM me and I will add your work to the list below.

By beanaroony: This beautiful, beautiful Tahnorra sketch (just check out the intensity of Tahno's restrained touch against Korra's skin): http:///563707244f585aa5ad19c92f6b14a73c/tumblr_mfzt52IJNE1s1mvsto1_500.jpg

By beanaroony: A gorgeous, gorgeous companion piece to the Ozai illustration above (this one being Zuko in his Fire Lord robes): http:///226558b36ef51d1328f2f06b62bc3f20/tumblr_mgctdcoO861rbse3eo1_500.jpg

WRITING DEDICATIONS - This section highlights authors who were kind enough to write gift work and/or dedicate their stories or chapters thereof. Thank you again so much! If you have any writing that belongs in this category, please PM me and I will add your work to the list below.

By JackieStarSister (from chapter five of her "Unexpected Kinship" Ozai/Katara drabble series - I HIGHLY recommend you read this insightful collection): "This chapter is dedicated to the lovely LadyAvatar, author of the Zutara epic "Fire and Ice". She's the one who asked me to add another chapter to this story." http://www.fanfiction.net/s/7591044/5/Unexpected-Kinship

By Boogum (from chapter twenty-seven of her "Where the Ocean and Sky Collide" Zutara Month collection - it is beyond my ability to express here how gorgeous every single one-shot in this series is, so go read it!): "This one-shot is dedicated to Lady Avatar, who once made a request for a post-war prison scene involving Ozai and one of the original Gaang members. I said I would write it for you, and you see I have kept my word. It might not be exactly what you were expecting (and I'm very sorry I wasn't able to give more attention to this one, since I wrote it for ZM), but I do hope you like it all the same." http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8750588/27/Where-the-Ocean-and-Sky-Collide

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