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Well this is my profile.. Lets be honest there's nothing really special about it:L

I'm trying to be original with my stories but i don't know if thats going to work; there's like 368264863 stories on here:L

Well anyway, i'm not the best writer in the world and i sometimes have serious writer block but please don't kill me:L

A bit about me..

Thinking about it i'm not a very exciting person..

I love dance; i do contemporary and jazz at Fantasy Dance Academy(they're brilliant btw) :)

I'm flexible.. Don't know why you would want to know that but..:L

I stress over exams.. alot, prehaps more than considered healthy.

School takes up more of my time than considered normal.. Or healthy

I what to be a forensic psychologist or a criminal intelligence analyst (long words - i know:L)

I like using long words to sound intelligant:)

Basically i'm just your average teenager.. Ish:L

I liked Twilight before it was popular; the films destroyed it

I'm in love with Gale from the Hunger Games (liked that before it was popular too)

Morganville;Night World;The Declaration;Angel;Dark Visions;Knife;House of Night;Mortal Instruments :)


I'm just like to apologise for not updating my story I Love You But What Are You in ages! I'm getting 3 hours homewrok a night, course work, and revsion. Basically, i have no time! I'll try to get something up in the next couple of months but until then i'm really sorry!



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