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Hello everybody!!!!

LaurenvBelladonna here, novice writer, big time reader and reviewer of all kinds of fanficition!

Currently a drama and English major!

Favourite Directors

Just LOVE to watch movies! My top directors I would have to say Hayao Miyazaki! I would recommend ANY movie of his!!! The animation is truly just a work of art and just magnificent and beautiful! Another persons work I just can't put words to describe is Tim Burton! Just the beauty in something thats so dark and obscure is just amazing!

Favourite Movies

Okay, HUGE movie watcher!!! I cringe when any of my friends miss any type of award show! Anytime I watch a movie I probably tell everyone I know how much loved it! So no specific order, because I guarantee this list will grow!

Spirited Away

Kiki's Delivery Service

Porco Rosso

The Girl who leapt through time (anime version)

The Cat Returns

Whisper of the Heart


My Neighbor Totoro

V for Vendetta

Howls Moving Castle

Pirates of the Caribbean

The Phantom of the Opera

Corpse Bride

Princess Mononke

The Nightmare before Christmas

Beauty and the Beast

And there are probably going to be some I forgot and some to add!

Love everything anime! Not sure what else to write??? (.

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